Student Technology Fee

STF Computer Lab Replacement Plan  Revised June 2018 (PDF)     
STF FY2018 Budget (PDF)                                             

The funds generated by this fee are designated for technology activities that benefit the student's academic learning experience. Typical expenditures at Georgia College include support for maintaining the Information Technology Center (ITC) computer facilities and software for student use at all locations, equipment checkout from the library, replacement and expansion of student use hardware, and support for technology in the classrooms. As mandated by the University System Board of Regents, this fee is paid by all students enrolled at any University System of Georgia Institution.

For the ITC operating hours and general information, please visit:  Serve Help Desk

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee (STFAC) meets regularly during the academic year.  Meetings are summarized and available on our minutes page.  If you would like more information on the STFAC, please contact us at

2018_2019 Committee (PDF)  Updated September 12, 2018

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee Procedures (PDF)

Grant Process

Student Technology Fee Innovation Grants – Fall 2018 | Application Deadline: Oct 4

Do you have an innovative technology research project in mind? Do you need funding? A portion of the Student Technology Fee has been reserved to fund your innovative research projects.

To support the initiatives of the University, the Provost, CIO and Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee (STFAC) updated the grant guidelines to support research and capitalize on the impact of the grant.  STF grants should support technology-based research opportunities that show student impact. Each grant must also include a plan to disseminate the research results so others can benefit from this innovative work.

The grant is not designed to provide ongoing funding and must be used within the fiscal year budget guidelines. The grant is not designed to fund cameras, iPads or computers.  STF provides a bulk quantity of cameras, iPads and computer for checkout through Russell Library.

 All grant proposals must have the approval and quote(s) from Information Technology. The Director of Technology Support Services, Ed Stanley, will assist you with pricing and help to ensure your project can be implemented. Please send your request to with STF Grant noted.  Once you have a well-researched plan with a budget, please access the grant form (Word).  This document will be submitted via email to STF.  After you complete your submission, a confirmation email will be sent. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns and suggestions.

The deadline for application submission is October 4, so start planning! The STFAC will provide written notification of fund disbursement by November 5.  If you have any questions, please contact the committee at STF.

 Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee
Student Technology Fee 



Information on previously awarded grants

Grants awarded in Fall 2017 and grants awarded in Fiscal Year 2017 are available on our intranet site:  Student Technology Fee GrantsAccess to this information requires your Unify credentials. 


Special Funding Process

In accordance with the Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee procedures, the committee may consider special requests for funding and recommend such requests to the CIO.  Requests should follow the Board of Regents Technology Fee Guidelines.

Priority will be given to requests that:

  • Directly benefit students
  • Assist students in meeting their educational objectives
  • Benefit broad groups of students or the entire student population instead of specific students or groups of students
  • Combine funding with funding from other affected parties

Special Requests for Funding will NOT be awarded for:

  • Administrative hardware or software
  • Specialized research equipment
  • Items that do not have a direct impact on students’ instructional objectives

If a request needs to be made for specific groups of people, there is an Innovative Technology Fee Grant Proposal procedure that is outside the scope of these Special Request Procedures.  The Innovative Technology Fee Grant Proposal is announced via a Call for Proposals every fall and spring.

The following steps should be taken as you prepare your request for consideration by the Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee:

Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee (STFAC)
Chris Greer, Chair
Bob Orr, Chief Information Officer