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CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) 

The College-Level Examination Program is a national program of credit that allows students to obtain recognition for college-level achievement. The Center for Testing is an open CLEP test center and can administer all CLEP examinations to anyone who properly registers. However, each institution determines which exams are accepted and what minimum scores are required for credit. For information on GC's CLEP policy, click here. If you desire credit at another institution, check that institution's policies before testing.

GC awards credit through CLEP for the courses listed below. The acceptable scores for credit and semester hours awarded are as indicated. A "K" grade will be awarded for CLEP credit. This grade will not affect your grade point average but will count toward total hours and will fulfill degree requirements. The score recipient code for GC is 5252.


You will register for a CLEP exam through the College Board My Account registration portal. The current cost of a CLEP exam is $80. The My Account portal will also allow you to manage your personal information, search for test centers, select your score recipient institution and purchase study materials. 

After you register for an exam and receive your registration ticket, you will schedule a test appointment with the Center for Testing. CLEP exams are generally administered two or three afternoons per week at 1 p.m. and at 3 p.m. There are a limited number of seats available at each time. You will select a test date and time and pay the nonrefundable test center fee of $25 through our online registration service. Payment options are Visa or MasterCard. To register click here and follow the instructions.


All tests will be administered in the Center for Testing computer lab in 140 Lanier Hall. Allow about two hours for the test.

You must bring one government-issued photo ID with signature and your registration ticket. The ID must be valid and current (not expired) and be an original document (not photocopied).  A driver's license, state or federal-issued ID, passport, or military ID are some of the acceptable forms of ID. All DANTES-funded military candidates must provide a current military ID. 

School, work, or employee ID's are NOT acceptable. 

 NOTE: The first and last names on the ID must match that on the Registration Ticket.

If you have any questions about what is or is not an acceptable form of identification, contact CLEP Services at 800-257-9558 or 212-237-1331 or visit the CLEP website.

You may not take calculators, books, papers, notes, mechanical pencils or any type of pen, cell phones, cameras, recording devices, pagers, digital watches, alarm watches or any reference materials, food or beverages into the testing room. You may not wear or take a hat with a bill or a brim into the testing room. We recommend that you not bring these items to your test session because storage space is very limited.  


You may reschedule a test session without additional charge one time if you contact the testing office at 478-445-5016 at least one week before your original session. Otherwise, you must pay the $25 fee to schedule another test date.


For questions concerning GC's approved CLEP tests and passing scores or test dates and registration, contact the Center for Testing, 100 Lanier Hall or call 478-445-5016. Additional information about CLEP tests, including study resources, can be found at the CLEP website.   



CLEP Test  GC Courses Scores  Semester Hrs. Credit
College Composition

ENGL 1101

50 3
Humanities Humanities Elective 50 3
American Literature ENGL 2130 55 3
English Literature ENGL 2120 55 3
French Language FREN 1001*
FREN 1002
50 3
French Language FREN 2001
FREN 2002
German Language GRMN 1001*
GRMN 1002
German Language GRMN 2001
GRMN 2002
Spanish Language SPAN 1001*
SPAN 1002
Spanish Language SPAN 2001
SPAN 2002
Human Growth and Development PSYC 2102 50 3
Introductory Psychology PSYC 1101 50 3
Introductory Sociology SOCI 1121 55 3
Biology BIOL 1100
BIOL 1120
Chemistry CHEM 1211 50


College Algebra MATH 1111** 50 3
College Mathematics MATH 1001** 50 3
Precalculus MATH 1113 50 3
Calculus MATH 1261 50 4
Information Systems and Computer Applications CSCI 1000*** 50 3
Financial Accounting ACCT 2101 50 3
Introductory Business Law LENB 3135 50 3
Principles of Management MGMT 3141 54 3
Principles of Marketing MKTG 3161 50 3
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2105 50 3
Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2106 50 3

* Students will not receive credit for SPAN, FREN or GRMN 1001 if they have had two or more years of that language in high school. In such cases the maximum credit awarded is 9 hours. 

** This course will only fulfill Area A of the GC Core Curriculum for students who first matriculated at Georgia College as first time freshmen in Fall 2011 or later.

*** This course will only fulfill Area D of the GC Core Curriculum for students who first matriculated at Georgia College as first time freshmen in Fall 2011 or later and who are pursuing a non-science major.

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