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Proctored Tests

The Center for Testing provides proctored testing services for several categories of students:



Because of space and staff limitations, the Center for Testing can provide makeup testing only for students approved by the Provost for an excused absence for participation in university activities. If they choose, the faculty may request that these students schedule an appointment for a makeup test with the Center for Testing. There is no charge for testing these students.

Students should consult with their professor before contacting the testing office to determine the acceptable date range during which they may take the test. We ask for a 2-3 day range to allow more flexibility in scheduling because with our limited space and staff we are not always able to give students their first choice of time. We encourage students to contact us as early as they can to have the best scheduling choices. After an appointment has been made, we will send an email notification to the professor.

The professor should complete an Excused Absence Makeup Test Summary Form (doc) and submit it to the Center for Testing to provide details about the test administration. It may be sent by email or campus mail or delivered by the professor or student, preferably around the time the appointment is scheduled, but it may be submitted with the test. The form indicates how the test will be sent to us and how it should be returned, the time allowed for the test and materials allowed. It is important to include any test materials or resources (calculators, formula sheets, notes etc.) that the student is permitted to use during the test because otherwise we will not allow them in the testing room.



If space is available, the Center for Testing will proctor exams for persons taking online or distance learning courses for other schools.  There is a $20 per test proctor fee for these exams, which is paid at check-in. Interested persons should call the testing office, 478-445-5016, to schedule an appointment. We recommend contacting us well ahead of the requested date. We will need to know how much time is allowed for the test and whether it is an online or paper/pencil test when we make the appointment. Please check your course materials for testing periods and deadlines and the procedure for notifying your school that you have scheduled an appointment.


Students who wish to take the U.S. or Georgia history test or their senior exit exam at a time other than the scheduled test dates may request a special administration for a fee of $20. For the senior exit exam, there may also be a fee covering the cost of ordering a test (usually $15 or $25, depending on the test) if the student did not register by the deadline for the semester. In most cases, special administrations of history tests are offered only at the end of the semester after the last scheduled date and only for students who have completed all other graduation requirements or students who have completed all other requirements for admission into a program (for example, the nursing program).



The Center for Testing administers the COMPASS placement test to persons applying to Georgia College as non-traditional freshmen.  Because GC no longer offers a Learning Support program, these applicants must take the reading, writing skills and algebra sections of the test and score above the University System requirement for placement in Learning Support courses in reading, English and math to be eligible to be admitted. For more information about the test or to schedule a test appointment, call the Center for Testing at 478-445-5016. There is no charge for the initial test for students applying to Georgia College, but there is a $20 fee for those who wish to retest in one or more areas.

The COMPASS test can also be administered here to local persons who are applying to another school, with the permission of that school. We recommend that your school register you for a remote test administration if they participate in remote testing. If not, they should send an email to kerry.chapman@gcsu.edu indicating that you have permission to test with us and listing which sections of the test that you need and the address or fax number to send your score report.  After we receive your permission to test, contact us to schedule a test appointment. There is a $20 charge for administering the test for another school, which is paid at check-in.


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