Testing Services

The Testing Center offers various services to those who utilize the center. Whether you are qualified to receive accommodations such as a low distraction testing environment, need to take a proctored exam for a distance learning course through another institution, or would like more information on our scoring practices, read below for more details on our services.

The Center for Testing provides testing services for students with disabilities who need specific testing accommodations such as extended testing time, low distraction testing environment, and the use of assistive technology. To qualify for these services, students must have been determined eligible by the Student Disability Resource Center. In order to receive further information about the process for accommodating students with disabilities, please contact David Anderson, Director of  the Student Disability Resource Center, at 478-445-5931 in 109 Russell Library.

To request testing services professors should complete the Learning Accommodations Test Summary form and submit it to the Center for Testing. It is important to indicate a date range of 2-3 days for taking the test. Due to the limited space and staff we are not always able to give the student their first choice of time. The student must contact the Center for Testing for an appointment within the date range set by the professor.

The test may be sent to the Center for Testing by email, or campus mail, or it may be delivered by the professor/staff or the student in a sealed envelope. The test will be returned to the professor by the method indicated on the accommodations form.

It is the student's responsibility to request an appointment time at least 5 days in advance of a regular test and 2 weeks in advance of a final.  If the student fails to schedule with us in time, we will not make the appointment, and the professor is not required to provide testing accommodations. 

Tips for filling out the form:

Indicate the length of time you will allow the class to take the test. We will determine the appropriate amount of extended time the student should receive based upon his or her accommodations letter.   
Accommodations allowed for the test must be based on the student's accommodations letter from the director of the Student Disability Resource Center.
Any test materials/resources that all class members are permitted to use during the test, such as notes or calculators, should be indicated. Otherwise students will not be allowed to use such materials on the test.


All online scheduling of tests for Fall 2018 has ended.  If you have a test to schedule for Monday, Dec. 10 (a non-finals day), please call or come by our office no later than 4 pm on Wednesday, Dec. 5 to schedule it. 

Finals had to be scheduled two weeks before the tests (no later than Nov. 30, 2018).  All seats are full for Finals.

Our online scheduling will return for Spring 2019.

Please contact the Testing Center at (478)445-5016 or 109 Russell Library if you have questions.

The Center for Testing provides proctored testing services for several categories of students:

  • Tests for persons taking online/distance learning courses through other institutions
  • Special administrations of the U.S. or Georgia history tests or senior exit exams
  • ACCUPLACER placement tests for applicants to GC or other institutions


Note: Testing fees for the tests listed below must be paid by 5 pm the day before your appointment to avoid cancelation.  After your appointment has been made with our office we will email you the link to our secure online exchange in which to make your payment  with either a Visa or Mastercard.  Testing fees are nonrefundable, however, if you contact our office within seven days of your original appointment we can reschedule it one time without additional fees.

Online/Distance Learning Test

If space is available, the Center for Testing will proctor exams for persons taking online or distance learning courses for other schools. There is a $22 proctor fee for exams up to three hours in length.  Interested persons should call the testing office, 478-445-5016, to schedule an appointment. We recommend contacting us well ahead of the requested date. We will need to know how much time is allowed for the test and whether it is an online or paper/pencil test when we make the appointment. Please check your course materials for testing periods and deadlines and the procedure for notifying your school that you have scheduled an appointment. 

Special Administration Test

Students who wish to take one of the legislative tests (U.S. or Georgia history/ U.S. or Georgia constitution) or their senior exit exam at a time other than the scheduled test dates may request a special administration for a fee of $22. For the senior exit exam, there will also be a fee of $26 covering the cost of ordering a test  if the student did not register by the deadline for the semester. In most cases, special administrations of legislative tests are offered only at the end of the semester after the last scheduled date and only for students who have completed all other graduation requirements or students who have completed all other requirements for admission into a program (for example, the nursing program).

ACCUPLACER Placement Test

The Center for Testing administers the ACCUPLACER placement test to persons applying to Georgia College as non-traditional freshmen. Because GC no longer offers a Learning Support program, these applicants must take the reading, writing skills and algebra sections of the test and score above the University System requirement for placement in Learning Support courses in reading, English and math to be eligible to be admitted. For more information about the test or to schedule a test appointment, call the Center for Testing at 478-445-5016. There is no charge for the initial test for students applying to Georgia College, but there is a $22 fee for those who wish to retest in one or more areas.

The ACCUPLACER test can also be administered here to local persons who are applying to another school, if that school registers you for a remote test administration at Georgia College. After you receive the remote registration confirmation, contact us to schedule a test appointment. There is a $22 charge for administering the test for another school.

The Center for Testing offers scoring services for multiple choice classroom tests for the faculty and staff of Georgia College. Two scanners are available in 109 Russell Library, offering different reporting options.

A small stand-alone scanner  will score the scanner sheets and print the number and percent of answers correct on each sheet. It can also mark the correct answer or a √ mark for questions missed. An Item Analysis form can be run after scanning a group of answer sheets, indicating the number of incorrect responses to each question. Scantron form 19641, a 5.5" x 11" form with spaces for 50 questions per side with five possible responses, and form 95677, an 8.5" x 11" with 100 multiple choice questions on the front and lines on the back for short answer/ essay questions are available in the bookstore. Faculty or staff may use this scanner themselves (with assistance available as needed) or leave the scanner sheets to be scored by testing staff.

A computer-linked scanner, which uses Scantron scanner form 4521, can provide more detailed information testing reports. Options include:

  • Group Detail report - Lists student ID, student name, raw test points and percent test scores. Available in print form or as a merge file that can be used with a word processor or spreadsheet. The merge file may include student responses if desired.
  • Individual Score report - Prints individual report for each  student indicating raw score, percent correct, student responses and the correct answer for items missed.
  • Test Statistics - Displays a student/score histogram graph with either points or percent unit of measurement. Various test statistics, including highest score, lowest score, median, mean, standard deviation, test reliability and standard error of measurement, are calculated and reported.
  • Item Statistics - Prints detailed item analysis indicating item type (matching, multiple choice, true/false), item point value, response distribution, p-value (item difficulty), average overall test score (in percent) of those who correctly marked the item and point biserial correlation (how well a particular item predicted overall test success).

Scantron form 4521, an 8.5" x 11" form with space for 200 questions with five possible responses, must be used for this scanner. Students must enter their names and a unique ID number and darken the corresponding circles. In scoring no marks are made on the scanner sheets and unique identifying information is necessary for reporting.

For the computer-linked scanner, faculty must complete the Scoring Request form for each test scored, giving us information about the course, instructor and reports requested. Test files will be identified by the course CRN and a sequence number indicating the number of tests scored for that course (i.e., 80904_1 for the first test scored for a course, 80904_2 for the second, etc.). You should indicate both the CRN and sequence number on the Scoring Request Sheet. An answer key marked on the 4521 answer sheet must also be provided. Test files will be deleted at the end of each semester unless you request that they be saved for a longer period of time. 

Please allow one working day for processing, although in most cases, processing will be completed on the same day. Scanner forms must be delivered to the Center for Testing, 109 Russell Library during office hours which are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. Tests are processed in the order received. You will be notified by phone or email when your materials (scanner sheets and a print copy of requested reports) are ready to be picked up.

For questions about the scoring service, call Evita Shinholster at 478-445-5016 or email  evita.shinholster@gcsu.edu.