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Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges

Diana Akhmetzyanova, Economics, "The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on High School Academic Performance" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Benjamin Scafidi

Danielle Bechtol,  English, "Playing Chess with Clotel: William Wells Brown’s Documentation of the United States’ Political Struggle before the American Civil War" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Katie Simon

Caleb Gay, English, "Micro Expressions in Jealousy" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Whitney Heppner

Logan Kolar, Economics, "Does Race Affect Perceptions of Subjective Well Being" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Benjamin Scafidi

Benton Meadow, English, "The Revolutionary Quality of Allusions found in Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Katie Simon

Zachariah Schneide, Theatre, "Mwahaha...Huh" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Amy Pinney

Alexa William, Theatre, "Theatre for Social Change: The Importance of Conversation" Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Karen Berman

Recognizing the importance of liberal arts and sciences education for success in a complex global society, the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) is championing the cause of liberal arts education of superior quality in the public sector. COPLAC institutions provide students of high ability and from all backgrounds access to an outstanding liberal arts education.



The Association of American Colleges and Universities A voice and a force for liberal education in the 21st century.

Liberal Education and America's Promise Excellence for everyone as a nation goes to college.

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