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Monthly Highlights


Summer Research Grant Recipients:

Congratulations to Neil Doyle and Dr. Emily Simonavice (School of Health and Human Performance); Jennifer Minnick and Dr. Chavonda Mills (Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy); and Mary Eve Spirou and Dr. Min Kim (Government and Sociology) on being selected from several excellent Summer Research Grant applications.

Doreen Sams, Rosalie Richards, Robin Lewis, Rebecca McMullen, Larry Bacnik, Jennifer Hammack, Caitlin Powell on their Publication in CUR Quarterly Spring 2015 "Measuring Self-Efficacy and Scientific Literacy Across Disciplines as Value-Added Outcomes of Undergraduate Research Mentoring: Scale Development" 

Benefits of UR - GC Email Testimonial

"Dr. Chiang, This is Haleigh Tucker and I am finishing up my graduate degree at the University of Georgia with a Master's of Education in Professional (School) Counseling. I graduate this May! Yay!!!  ... I graduated from GA College in 2012 and did research with you! The research that I did with you got me interested in and passionate about becoming a school counselor and I'm excited to say that I am applying for school counseling jobs to be a school counselor this upcoming school year!!! ... I wanted to let you know that in one of my first papers for graduate school, I critiqued an article and talked about confounding variables and the doctoral student that gave me feedback on my paper didn't believe me that I learned about and understood confounding variables from my undergraduate degree because you don't learn about that until graduate school.  Well, I got to learn about it with you in undergrad!  A lot of what I learned from you and got to participate in as an undergrad got me passionate about learning and education and helped get me on the path I'm on to have a rewarding career! Thank you and I hope everything at GA College is going great!!!"  

Congratulations New Council of Undergraduate Research Councilors 

Dr. Tsu-Ming Chiang was elected as the CUR Councilor in the CUR Psychology Division and Dr. Karen Berman was elected as the CUR Councilor in the At-Large Division of CUR for a three-year term. Dr. Chiang and Dr. Berman are highly respected for their work in undergraduate research. These two GC faculty members competed against hundreds of faculty from across the United States. These appointments by the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) are highly competitive. Please join us at URACE in congratulating them for their service to GC as Councilors at CUR.

Congratulations to Dr. Caralyn B. Zehnder and Former GC Undergraduate Students

 Congratulations on Their Publication in the Southeastern Naturalist "Seasonal Dynamics and Plant Preferences of Megacopta cribraria, an Exotic Invasive Insect Species in the Southeast," 14(1): pp. 57-65. 

FORMER GC STUDENTS: Sarah Huskisson (BS Biology, 2013, currently earning her MS Winthrop University); Kayla Fogg (BS Environmental Science 2013, currently earning her MBA at GC); and Taylor Upole (BS Environmental Science 2014, currently earning her MS at GC).

We at URACE are proud of these former undergraduate students continued research accomplishment. URACE was privileged to have play a role in financially support these students' undergraduate research while attending GC.

Publication Abstract: - "Megacopta cribraria (Kudzu Bug) (Hemiptera: Plataspidae) is an invasive insect in the Southeast. In Baldwin County, GA, we found adult Kudzu Bugs at high abundances throughout the summer, while juveniles showed peaks in early July and September. We conducted a series of choice-preference tests and determined that the insects preferred Glycine max (Soybean) over Phaseolus lunatus (Lima Bean). Additionally, they preferred Pueraria montana var. lobata (Kudzu) over Soybeans, highlighting the role of Kudzu as a primary host plant. Additionally, Kudzu Bugs continued to feed on Soybeans, even in the presence of Kudzu."



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