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Filing Fees

Federal law requires GC to pay the following fees as applicable.  These fees are subject to change at the discretion of the federal government:

  • I-129 Filing Fee    (H-1B visas)                            $325
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection fee   (H-1B)       $500
  • I-140 Filing Fee    (PR/DOL)                                $580

At the discretion of the Provost, and on a case by case basis, the university will pay the following fees.  Otherwise, the employee would be responsible for this fee.  This fee is subject to change at the discretion of the federal government:

  •  I-907 Premium Processing (Visas or PR)              $1,225

 This is not an inclusive list of all fees; simply the most common fees paid by the university. The fees are set by USCIS and are subject to change.

Under Federal law, GC will not pay attorney fees for visas.  Such fees are the responsibility of the employee. 

GC is required to pay the attorney fees and filing fees (as well as other costs as may be required such as advertising) for the Department of Labor certification costs when sponsoring a permanent residency application.  The employee is responsible for the remaining filing fees and attorney costs.  The employee should contact the immigration attorney to regarding those fees.

As stated in the Introduction, the employee is required to use the same immigration attorney as used by GC in sponsoring visas and permanent residency.

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