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H-1B Sponsorship Process

Departments that offer employment to internationals will need to request the Office of Legal Affairs to begin the H-1B sponsorship process. This process is to assist the international employee in obtaining the correct legal status to allow them to begin employment at Georgia College. The sponsorship of an H-1B work visa or H-1B status means that Georgia College has agreed to sponsor the international temporarily while they work at Georgia College. The H-1B status or H-1B visa is employer specific. The international can only work for the employer that filed the petition and can only perform the job as indicated in the petition.

The hiring department should understand there is no guarantee a visa will be granted to the international employee; which is why it is imperative the Office of Legal Affairs is contacted immediately after the employment offer has been accepted. To begin the immigration sponsorship process, the department chairperson (or designee) must complete the appropriate application and upload ALL documents to the application and submit - this includes the sponsorship request letter. The electronic application can be found here. You may also download and complete the Department H-1B Sponsorship Application (pdf) and email your results along with all supporting documents to

Once the department representative has completed and submitted all required documentation using the electronic application, the employee will receive an email with a link to the employee application requesting additional information. After all documentation has been received and the Office of Legal Affairs has received final sponsorship approval from the Provost, the immigration specialist will begin the H-1B sponsorship process by sending all information to the only outside immigration attorney approved by Georgia's Attorney General's office to assist the University System of Georgia and affiliated institutions on all immigration matters. Once the immigration attorney has received all requested documentation, the process involves:

  1. Filing and receiving a minimum "prevailing wage" from the U.S. Department of Labor;
  2. Filing and receiving an approved Labor Certification Application from the U.S. Department of Labor;
  3. Filing and receiving an approval for an I-129, petition for a temporary worker from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Georgia College will pay the required filing fee and anti-fraud fee associated with filing the I-129 petition. The international employee for which the petition is being filed will receive an invoice from the immigration attorney for any remaining filing fees and attorney costs. The payment of this invoice is the responsibility of the international employee.

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