Area Specific Policies


Level 1 | Aquatics | Classroom | Climbing Wall | Courts (1, 2, & 3)

Level 2 | Fitness Area


A.     Level One

1.      Aquatics

1.1 Leisure/Therapeutic Pool

Warm water shallow pool for fun, relaxation and therapeutic use.  Capacity is twenty-seven (27) persons.

1.2 Competition/Recreation Pool

25-yard, 8-lane recreational pool for lap swimming, water aerobics classes and recreational activities such as water basketball, inner tube water polo and competitive swim meets.  Capacity is one hundred (100) persons.

1.3 Sanitation Requirements


1.4 Safety Requirements

1.5 Weather Restrictions

1.6 Lap Swim

1.7 Water Aerobics

1.8 1 Meter Diving Board and Patron Responsibility

1.9 Aqua Climb


1.10 Thunder/Lightening Policy

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI) and the American Red Cross, indoor facilities are connected to a much larger surface area through underground water pipes, gas lines, and electric and telephone wiring. According to the NLSI, if lighting strikes the ground anywhere on this metallic network it may induce shocks elsewhere.

The NLSI recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder/sight of lightning before resuming activities. For example, if thunder is heard or lightning is seen at 11:00am, the pool will close until 11:30am. If lightning is seen or thunder heard at 11:15am during the initial activity cease the time resets to open at 11:45am.

1.11 Appropriate Pool Attire


2.      Classroom

Academic classes have priority use.  Any other use of the classroom must be requested through Facility Reservations.  Please adhere to Food and Beverage policy on page 22.

3.      Climbing Wall

Climbing is strictly prohibited during hours outside of the advertised Climbing Wall schedule.  The Climbing Wall is only available to members during specific climbing hours.  The WRC Climbing Wall is managed by the Outdoor Center at Georgia College which determines the hours of operation.  The Wall schedule will be created and made available prior to the start of each semester.

Rules of the Wall

The following policies are to be observed during any programs or open climb sessions at the WRC Climbing Wall:

4.      Courts (1, 2 and 3)

B.      Level Two

1.      Fitness Area

1.1 Cardio Equipment

1.2 Resistance Training and Conditioning Area

1.3  Group Fitness Studio

1.4  Group Fitness Studio – Spinning

1.5  Indoor Track

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