Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall is Open Sunday - Thursday 
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


climbing wall

Climbing Wall Policies

The Climbing Wall at the Wellness and Recreation Center is the result of the collaboration of many partners and programs including the Georgia College Student Government Association, the College of Health Sciences (including Department of Outdoor Education, the Outdoor Center, and Wellness Program faculty and staff), Plant Operations and Facilities Planning, and various contractors. The Wall itself is an impressive feature in an impressive building and could not be possible without these many talented and invested people and organizations.

The Climbing Wall is staffed by the WRC and managed through the Outdoor Center at Georgia College. Georgia College's Department of Outdoor Education academic programs, The Outdoor Center at Georgia College, and the WRC Climbing Wall are accredited by The Association for Experiential Education.

The following policies are to be observed during any contract programs or open climb sessions at the Climbing Wall:

Rules of the Wall

  • All climbers must check in at Member Services before entering the climbing area.
  • Secure loose jewelry/glasses and remove all objects from pockets before climbing.
  • No food, drink, or gum/candy is allowed in the climbing wall area.
  • Auto-Belays can only be used by WRC Staff and those members who have been properly trained by Staff. Maximum allowable weight on the Auto Belay system is 250 lbs.
  • Climbers are responsible for their own gear. Only commercially manufactured climbing equipment in good condition is allowed.  Manufacturers guidelines for retirement must be followed. All personal equipment must be inspected by WRC Climbing Wall Staff.
  • Only climbing shoes are allowed on the WRC Climbing Wall. No climbing shoes may be worn outside the climbing area.
  • Communicate! Talk to your climber/belayer/spotter!
  • When bouldering you must stay below the marked maximum height; spotters are recommended.
  • No one is permitted to belay or tie themselves into a rope until they pass the WRC Climbing Wall basic belay test.
  • All belayers must stand. Sitting or laying while belaying is not permitted.
  • Lead climbing and lead belaying are not allowed without first passing the WRC Climbing Wall Lead Test.
  • Tightening, loosening, or moving holds in any manner is not allowed without authorization of a WRC Climbing Wall Supervisor. 
  • Please report loose holds, bad wear spots on ropes, or any issue you believe to be a safety hazard.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to other participants. Vulgar or obscene language will not be tolerated

Gear and Class Fees
Need to borrow gear?

We have a limited supply of climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk bags, and belay devices for member use. All gear is included in the purchase of a wall pass.

climbing gear

Wall passes

A wall pass is required for anyone who wishes to climb at the Georgia College climbing wall. It is a one time fee and is either $20 for a semester or $35 for the year. Wall passes can be purchased at the member services desk by using credit or debit cards.


Basic Belay Class (Free with wall pass; $5 without a wall pass)

Members learn how to manage the rope in order to keep the climber safe and includes proper knots, climbing commands, and harness safety checks. Before climbing independently, members must pass a belay check-off demonstrating competency with the skills needed to ensure a climber’s safety. Taking this class and/or successfully passing the test will allow members to climb on their own during open roped climbing hours. 

Lead Climb/Belay Class (Free with wall pass; $10 without wall pass)

Members the necessary skills to lead climb and/or belay at the Wall. Skills taught include proper clipping technique, rope management as both the lead climber and lead belayer, and lead belaying.