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Fitness Area Rules and Policies

  • All individuals exercise at their own risk.
  • Proper exercise attire is required:
    • Only full athletic footwear/tennis shoes, clean, full T-shirts and athletic shorts/pants are allowed.
    • No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, mesh tops, mid-drifts on any equipment or when participating in any activity in the facility.
    • No sandals, slides, boots or open-toe shoes of any kind.
    • No short shorts, cut-offs, or blue jeans/denim.
    • Shorts must be long enough to cover the buttocks and groin when exercising/stretching. Appropriate support and undergarments are required at all times.
  • Any participant not dressed in proper attire will be denied entry or asked to leave. The WRC staff's decision concerning appropriate attire will be final.
  • Water and sports drinks in sealable, screw-top containers are the only beverages allowed. Carry-out cups, glass, cans and open containers are not permitted.
  • All loose jewelry, bracelets or loop earrings should be removed prior to use of equipment.
  • All personal belongings must be stored in a locker, wallet locker, or cubby. Backpacks, book bags and personal items are not allowed in fitness activity areas.
  • Cell phones (talking/texting) are not allowed while using exercise equipment or participating in any activity.
  • Participants must wipe down equipment following use. Towels and disinfectant are provided and should be returned  to the appropriate location after use.
  • Groups (more than 3 patrons) and/or team workouts of any kind are not allowed.
  • Only staff who are certified and employed by the WRC and approved Ex. Science practicum students are allowed to train users in the facility.
  • All facility-related injuries must be reported immediately to the Fitness Assistant or Supervisor on duty.
  • Report any damage, equipment malfunction or facility irregularity to the Fitness Assistant on duty.
  • Respect for equipment, facilities and the WRC staff should be shown at all times. Anything less is not acceptable.

Cardio Equipment

  • Use of cardio equipment will be limited to 30 minutes during peak hours or when others are waiting.

Resistance Training and Conditioning Area

  • Do not attempt to use any equipment with loose or damaged parts.
  • Do not place hands or feet on or prop anything against the mirrors.
  • People socializing in groups that congest the area will be asked to disperse or leave.
  • Do not monopolize a select weight station. Allow others to work in and share machines.
  • Weightlifting belts may only be worn if they do not come in contact with equipment upholstery. 
  • DO NOT drop or throw free weights or plates. Slamming of the free weights and/or weight stacks will not be tolerated.
  • Using a spotter is recommended on all press stations.
  • Collars/locks are required on all free weight bars during use.
  • Do not lean or prop free weights/weight plates against mirrors, walls, pillars, benches or equipment.
  • Fitness equipment shall not leave the resistance training area.
  • All equipment and weights must be returned to the proper location and storage racks after use.
  • Users who fail to rack and put their weights back properly may be subject to suspension of facility privileges.

Group Fitness Studio

  • The studio may only be used for scheduled group fitness classes and academic activity classes.
  • All equipment in the studio is to remain in the studio.
  • Any student group/RSO requesting to use the studio must submit a space reservation request in R25 at least 24 hours in advance.
  • See "Group Fitness" for detailed class participation policies.

Jogging/Walking Track

  • Track is intended for walking/running use only. No wheels of any kind are allowed on the track.
  • Only non-marking, closed-toe, athletic shoes allowed. Spikes, turf shoes, cleats and hard-sole shoes are not allowed.
  • See Track Direction signs for daily direction of travel.
  • Jogging/Running lanes – 2 & 3 (Outside lanes)
  • Walking lanes – 1 (Inside lanes)
  • Give right of way to people passing on the track.
  • 10 laps = 1 mile
  • Warm-up exercises, stretching, walking lunges, and other activities that impede the flow of walkers/joggers are not allowed on the track.
  • The track is not an observation area for courts below. No one is allowed to stand on or block any lanes of the track.


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