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A. General Policies



B. Accidents and Injuries

Any accident, injury, or related incident occurring at the WRC should be reported immediately to a Management Staff member or a Supervisor on duty. The Supervisor should administer first aid as necessary using Universal Precautions. A first aid kit and ice packs are located at the Member Services desk, Fitness desk, and in the Natatorium. An ‘Accident/Incident Report’ must be completed by the staff observing the accident and submitted to the Area’s Associate Director. 



C. ADA Statement

The WRC is an ADA compliant facility.  ADA features include (but are not limited to) an elevator accessible through the main front entrance of the facility; ADA showers; an ADA lift for the swimming pool; and various pieces of workout equipment such as, certain cardio machines, the Krank Cycle, and the functional resistance machines.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to use the WRC equipment and participate in WRC programs, services and or sponsored events.  Persons with a disability, who require any accommodations in order to use the facilities or participate in activities, should contact Member Services (478-445-7777) or the GC Office of Disability Services (478-445-5931) in advance.  More information regarding Disability Services is available at




Automatic external defibrillators are located at the Member Services desk, the Fitness desk, and in the Natatorium for use in heart-related emergencies. Only WRC personnel should use the device in case of such an emergency.  The battery is checked on the first of each month.



 E. Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking

The WRC is a substance-free facility.  Smoking, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are strictly prohibited. Students, Faculty/Staff, or Community Members who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action and penalties in accordance with the Honor Code and Code of Conduct as published in the Student Handbook of Georgia College and State University.  For complete details regarding the University’s alcohol, drugs, and smoking policies, please see the Georgia College Student Life Handbook: Institutional Standards and Administrative Policies available at  http://www.gcsu.edu/studentlife/handbook/adminpolicies.htm.



F. Animals

Only service animals are permitted in the WRC.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) allows service animals to accompany persons with disabilities on the GC campus.  The ADA defines service animal as any dog individually trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability.  For more information and the complete policy regarding animals, see the Office of Disability Services at http://www.gcsu.edu/disability/index.htm.  



G. Attire and Footwear

The WRC reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all exercise attire. WRC staff decisions concerning appropriate clothing will be final. Failure to dress properly will result in denial of use of the WRC and/or participation in WRC activities.



 H. Cell Phones

Cell phones may be used in the common areas of the facility only.  Use of cell phones and pagers is not permitted in locker rooms or while using equipment.  The only exception is when a cell phone is used as a music device. Out of respect for others, we ask all persons to limit cell phone use in public areas. 



I. Computer Use Policy

WRC computers are for WRC staff only.



J. Damages

Participants utilizing the WRC facility and equipment assume the liability of and agree to compensate the WRC for any damage beyond normal wear and tear while being used.  See the Georgia College Student Life Handbook: Honor Code and Code of Conduct available at http://www.gcsu.edu/studentlife/handbook/code.htm for the complete policy regarding prohibited acts and liability.



K. Ejection

Noncompliance to any University or WRC policy is subject to ejection.  When an individual is ejected from the facility for any reason, that individual is suspended from the WRC facility and program until (s)he has met with the Director of the Wellness and Recreation Center or his designee.



L. Equipment Checkout

Members may check out equipment free of charge at the Member Services desk.



 M. Food and Beverages


N. Locker Rental

Each WRC changing facility room has 100 lockers available to users.  Fifty (50) lockers are designated for day-use at no charge.  The remaining fifty (50) lockers are designated for monthly rental.  Wallet lockers are also available throughout the facility at no charge.


Wallet Lockers


No Charge

No Charge



O. Lost and Found



P. Posting

Bulletin boards are located throughout the WRC for university approved promotional material.  Bulletin boards can be found on the first floor in the main corridor, by the vending machines, in the women’s locker room and in the men’s locker room.  One is also located on the second floor over the water fountain near the restrooms.



Q. Solicitation

No solicitation shall be conducted in or around WRC facilities on the Georgia College campus except by the employees of the University acting in the scope of their agency or employment, or by established student organizations, in accordance with University policy. The complete policy regarding solicitation on the Georgia College campus is available at: http://www.gcsu.edu/businessandfinance/georgia_college_sponsorship_policy%28requirements_fordonations_solicitations_sponsoring%29.htm.



R. Towel Policy

Towel services are not available at the WRC. However, towels and disinfectant are located throughout the Fitness area.  In order to reduce the risk of infection, members are expected to clean each piece of equipment immediately following use.  Fitness Assistants will place clean towels hourly.



S. WRC Refund Policy

Participants may request a refund for the following courses or services by completing a Refund Request Form at the Member Services desk:

Refund requests related to any Rec Sport/Intramural event should be directed to the Office of Rec Sports.  Individuals may call 478-445-0664 or email bert.rosenberger@gcsu.edu.

All refund requests will be reviewed and approved by the Area Supervisor where the service is being provided. Individuals will be contacted directly as to the status of request.

A Refund Request Form must be submitted to Member Services and approved by the Associate Director of that area for cancellations within 48 hours of the course start date; otherwise, no refund will be issued.

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