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A.     Facility Access Policy

The WRC is a controlled access facility. Only authorized users are allowed entry. The WRC is intended for the use of current Georgia College students and other authorized members only. The Member Services Desk processes ALL first time user registrations. 

GC students must present their valid Bobcat ID to register. Faculty, staff, and non-GC members must present a valid driver’s license. Photocopies of a Georgia College Bobcat ID or Driver’s License are not acceptable. If the photo, name and/or ID number(s) are not visible on an ID card, the card is not considered valid. ID cards of any kind are non-transferable and for the exclusive use of the person named on the card. ID cards will be confiscated if presented by anyone other than the rightful owner. Involved parties will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students are required to present their Bobcat ID in order to access the facility for usage. Failure to do so will result in not allowing a student to access the facility.

Non-members, suspended members, or expired members will not be allowed access to the WRC. Any misuse of valid IDs and improper entry is subject to disciplinary action including immediate removal, suspension from WRC facilities and programs.

To register, member Services staff will collect all appropriate information. After the initial registration process, each subsequent visit to the WRC will allow individuals quick access through the turnstiles by simply swiping Bobcat Card in the card reader (students only) or giving your last name to the Member Services staff at the front desk.

Outside Guests meeting with WRC staff must check in at the Member Services Desk before entering past the controlled access point.

Georgia College athletic team training activities are not to be held at WRC facilities. A coach or professor may contact the WRC facility for reservations or to inquire about special arrangements. Access will not be granted without prior arrangements.


B. Facility Entrance Policy

Entry for the Wellness and Recreation areas (Courts, Classroom, Fitness Floor, Aquatics) must be through the designated main entrance.

Entry for Counseling and Student Health Services may be through the main WRC entrance.  However, it is strongly encouraged to enter the two (2) services through the designated west entrance. 

Disabled individuals needing to access the elevator, should enter the main WRC entrance in order to do so.


C. Facility Exit Policy

Exiting the Wellness and Recreation areas (courts, classroom, climbing wall, fitness floor, and aquatics) must be through the designated main entrance.

Exiting Counseling and Student Health Services may be through the front WRC entrance.  However, it is strongly encouraged to exit these two (2) services through the designated west entrance.


D. Emergency Exit Policy

The Operations Supervisors, Graduate Assistants, or Professional Staff will direct all emergency evacuation procedures. ALL individuals must exit a university facility during ANY emergency situation.

Once outside the facility, patrons must move to the athletic field parking.  Do not use the elevator during a fire alarm.  Once outside, university representatives or emergency personnel will provide further instructions should campus evacuation become necessary.
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