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A. Facility Reservation Policy

The GC Office of Facility Reservations within the Department of Public Services is responsible for university space and facility reservations for all academic, non-academic, and non-credit activities.  All reservation requests, including WRC space requests, must be submitted online through the R25 event scheduling system found at r25c.gcsu.edu.

Semester scheduling of the WRC, including all WRC activities, programs, services, and other standing reservation requests, will take place prior to the start of each semester.  After the semester schedule is published, space reservations will be approved on a first come, first serve basis while using the following priorities:

  1. GC academic credit programs
  2. WRC Activities – informal recreation, Intramural competitions and practices, group fitness, sponsored programs and services.
  3. Registered Student Organizations
  4. GC sponsored Events
  5. Public service/governmental events
  6. Non-GC organizations

If two (2) or more facility/space requests are receive at the same time, the above priority list is used to determine which event(s) take precedence. The priority list will not be used to over-ride previously confirmed requests.

No space/facility request is deemed approved until the Office of Facility Reservations emails the requestor an official confirmation.

Please visit www.gcsu.edu/ps/index.htm for the complete university facility reservation policy/procedure manual.


B. Reservation Procedures
  1. Requestor views space availability online at r25c.gcsu.edu.
  2. Requestor submits Facility/Space Reservation Request online at www.r25c.gcsu.edu (under My Requests tab)
  3. The Office of Facility Reservations forwards request to the WRC building manager for review and approval/denial.
  4. Within 48 hours of receipt of request, the WRC building manager will approve or deny request through R25.
  5. Upon receipt from building manager, the Office of Facility Reservations will notify the requestor via an R25 email confirmation of approved or denied status. In the event that desired space is not available or space request is denied, the Office of Facility Reservations will assist individuals in finding another suitable space.
  6. Reservation confirmation must be printed and presented to Member Services upon single entry and any recurring reservation times.

C. Support Services and Equipment

Support services such as food, media, security, additional staff, etc., are not included.  All requestors, including official university departments and organizations, are responsible for correctly identifying necessary support services on the online Facility/Space Reservation Request and for contacting and securing support services.

Audio Visual Equipment


Food Services/Catering

Sodexo Campus Services has first right of refusal for all events that are held on GC property or paid for with GC funds where food is present. Exceptions require a waiver in writing (email acceptable). Waiver requests are to be submitted to kyle.cullars@gcsu.edu. Exceptions are generally allowed for small "potluck" departmental lunches where food is brought from home, or for other reasons, considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) are not required to use Sodexo and may self-serve food from other sources. Regardless, no outside caterers are allowed on the GC campus. Menus, pricing and contact information are available at www.gcsudining.com.


Events requiring the services of GC custodians and/or electrical/HVAC technicians beyond the normal work day shall retain these services at the current hourly rate detailed in the Campus Fee Schedule[a1] .  External events requiring these services during normal working hours will be charged the hourly rate (plus FICA/FICA Med) of the employee(s) providing the services. For external events, these fees will be in addition to all applicable rental fees.


The use of GC Public Safety personnel is required at all functions where alcohol is being consumed and at all other functions as deemed necessary by the GC Director of Public Safety.  For functions where alcohol will be present, it is recommended that there be a minimum of one (1) officer per 75 participants.  Public Safety officers shall be retained at the current hourly rate of $35 an hour.  For external events, these charges will be in addition to all applicable rental fees.

Other Necessities

Tables, chairs, trashcans, podium, stage and floor covering (for Basketball Courts) are also available.  Such services must be requested on the R25 space reservation request form.  Once the R25 request is confirmed, identified Support Services will be copied on the event.  It is then the responsibility of the Requestor to directly contact the necessary offices of support services.


D. Cancellation Policy

Space and Support Service cancellations must be submitted to the Office of Facility Reservations.

Failure to show for a reservation may result in the following:

E. Damage to Facility and Equipment

Participants utilizing the WRC facility and equipment assume the liability of and agree to compensate the WRC for any damage other than normal wear and tear while it is being used.  Facilities that require repair due to damage by participants will be repaired by the WRC or a Licensed Contractor.  All charges for repair will be charged back to the event sponsor.  Photos of the reserved space prior to repair will be used to verify requests for special damage repair fees.  If any equipment should be lost during rental, event sponsor is responsible for all replacement costs.  All fees must be paid in full to proceed with existing request or before additional reservation requests may be submitted.  See the Georgia College Student Life Handbook: Honor Code and Code of Conduct available at http://www.gcsu.edu/studentlife/handbook/code.htm for the complete policy regarding prohibited acts and liability. All fees assessed for damages and/or clean-up shall be made payable to Georgia College.


F. Decorations and Signage

Decorations may not be put on walls or furnishings in the WRC without consent from the WRC Director.  Decorations must not disguise, cover or interfere with any safety device, including fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, exit signs, sprinkler heads and piping, and fire alarm pull stations.  For more information, contact the GC Coordinator of Emergency Preparedness and Occupational Safety at (478) 445-2025.


G. Publicity

University-approved printed materials and advertisements may be posted in the WRC on bulletin boards only.


H. Facility Tours

Group and/or individual guided tours of the WRC are available upon request. Interested parties should contact Member Services to schedule an appointment for a tour. Tours are conducted by WRC staff. Use of facility is not included with a tour.

Disabled persons requiring special accommodations during a guided tour should contact Member Services (478-445-777) or the GC Office of Disability Services (478-445-5931) in advance.

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