Virtual Writing Center

Doctor of Nursing Practice

The Virtual Writing Center is a Faculty Grant pilot study  investigating the benefits of online writing support for graduate students. For the purposes of this grant, the services of the Virtual Writing Center are limited to Georgia College DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) students.  Once the grant is concluded and the effectiveness of the service has been assessed, we hope to expand the service to include other fields of study.

Project Consultant

At this moment there is no consultant for the DNP program provided by the GCSU Writing Center

Consultant Schedule

On-line writing assistance is not available at this time

Upload a Manuscript

Manuscripts must be in a .doc or .docx format before they can be submitted. 

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WebEx Meetings

No WebEx sessions are available at this time.

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Student Evaluation of WebEx Session

Please take a moment to complete this short survey. The results of the survey will be used to assess the viability of continuing on-line writing center assistance in the future.

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