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Andalusia served as the home of famed American author Flannery O’Connor from 1951-1964.

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The Georgia College Greenhouse features a diverse collection of over 300 exotic plant species from around the world. The greenhouse serves as a teaching and research laboratory for Georgia College students and faculty.

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Art Gallery

Leland Art Gallery

 Located in Ennis Hall, the Leland Art Gallery contains art pieces from current art students as well as works from other artists.

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Museum of Fine Art

Museum of Fine Art

The Museum of Fine Art contains the University's art collection.

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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Georgia College William P. Wall Museum of Natural History is an academic and research treasure for students, faculty, staff and the public in the southeastern United States. 

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Planetarium & Observatory

The planetarium and observatory offers students and the public a chance to learn more about planets and other objects in the solar system.

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Old Governors Mansion

Old Governor's Mansion

Completed in 1839, the Old Governor's Mansion served as the home of Georgia's governors until 1868. 

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Salllie Ellis Davis House

Sallie Ellis Davis House

The Sallie Ellis Davis House was the home of a dedicated and passionate Baldwin County educator. Ms. Davis worked her entire career as a teacher and principal at the Eddy School to touch the lives of Baldwin County children.

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