GC Journeys Mini-Grant


GC Journeys & MURACE Present: 2020 GC Journeys/MURACE Undergraduate Research Department Mini-Grant

  • Submissions Due November 15th
  • Winners Announced December 1st

Undergraduate Research Program Mini-grants:

GC Journeys and MURACE (Mentored Undergraduate Research & Creative Endeavors) have joined forces to promote scaling Undergraduate Research as a Transformative Experience. In an effort to incentivize and reward faculty mentors for their hard work, both GC Journeys & MURACE have teamed up to support faculty leading these experiences by offering them professional development money.

Each award will consist of $500 per person in professional development funds to support faculty overseeing undergraduate research. We will look at the programs of two sizes: small department mini-grants (3-5 faculty members; $1,500-$2,500) and large department mini-grants (6-10 faculty members; $3,000- $5,000). Departments can apply for more than one mini-grant (if there are more than ten faculty); however, no individual faculty member can be listed on more than one application.

The mini grants will be transferred (via internal transfer) to each winning degree department for professional development use. This professional development money must be spent by June 2020.

Winners Must Agree To The Following Outcomes:

  • Each individual applicant agrees to mentor at least one undergraduate research student. 
    • If currently mentoring a student, please include student name and project name. If not currently mentoring a student, the name and project must be a part of the project summary report to be submitted by May 30, 2020.
  • Each student must present research in 2020 at either the GC’s Student Research Conference (Spring 2020), the Georgia Undergraduate Research conference (Fall 2020), or an academic disciplinary or interdisciplinary conference by December 2020.
  • Each mini-grant winner must provide a brief individual summary report (details forthcoming) on the project award and the outcomes.
  • Each mentor agrees to participate in GC Journeys/MURACE assessment of the research experience (to help us track each students’ experience).


The committee will make decisions as to winning applications based on:

  • The merit of the proposal
  • The alignment of the proposal with GC Journeys (Transformative Experiences), Mentored Undergraduate Research, and the Strategic Plan (Our Path to Preeminence).

The Committee:

The Application: