Young Alumni Council

The Georgia College Young Alumni Council was established in the fall of 2015 with a mission to serve and support recent graduates with programs and communications that are uniquely tailored to their own needs and perspective on Georgia. The Young Alumni Council is comprised of graduates of the last decade, under age 35, who are nominated and selected by their peers.

Young Alumni Council Expectations

Each Young Alumni Council member must be a graduate of the last decade and under age 35. Council members are able to serve in terms of two years each. Council members are expected to attend two meetings yearly, as well as call in for a summer committee report WebEx. Council members must also actively serve on a committee during their tenure, based on their interests and passions. Finally, council members are expected to represent the university in a positive nature at all times and encourage peers to do the same.

Young Alumni Council Committees

The purpose of each committee is as follows.

Programming and events: To work regionally with young alumni volunteers and locally with school-specific steering committees to increase alumni involvement and support through targeted events and programs.

Reunions: To work with volunteers and the Alumni Relations staff to manage the planning and execution of young alumni reunions sponsored by the association, and to encourage and promote attendance for the purpose of the stewardship, cultivation and education of alumni. 

Admissions and Career Services: To work in tandem with Undergraduate Admissions and Career Services in developing opportunities for young alumni involvement in the efforts of both offices.

Philanthropy: To develop strategies and best practices to solicit and increase young alumni giving and participation.

Communications: To develop and outline the best ways to communicate with young alumni, as well as educate them on the purpose and role of the Alumni Association.​