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interim director:

Samuel Mutiti, Ph.D. - Environmental Hydrologist/Scientist

Dr. S Mutiti is a hydrologist with experience in physical, chemical, and biological as aspects of water quality (both surface and groundwater), including groundwater modelling, contaminant transport and remediation.


Dave S. Bachoon, Ph.D. - Microbiologist 

Dr. Bachoon is an aquatic microbiologist with extensive experience in analyzing the level or type of microbial contamination in samples (water, soil, food, etc.) and molecular source tracking. He has published over 25 peer reviewed manuscripts as well as written over 30 research proposals.

Andera L. Barkovskii, Ph.D. Microbiologist  

Dr. Barkovskii is a microbiologist with extensive experience in the field. 

Melanie L. DeVore, Ph.D. - Plant Biologist 

Dr. DeVore is capable of establishing courses and training in ecology and evolution of invasive aquatic plants, ID and biology of aquatic plants with highly specialized morphology (e.g. Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, and Poaceae) for wetlands. 

Gregory J. Glotzbecker, Ph.D. - Ichthyologist, Evolutionary Biologist

Dr. Glotzbecker specializes in investigating the ecological and evolutionary impacts of anthropogenic disturbances in aquatic habitats. His research examines the consequences of non-native, freshwater fishes that are released into streams and rivers.

Rich Adams, Ph.D.

Andrei L. Barkovskii, Ph.D. - Microbiologist

Dr. Barkovskii has researched expertise in the analysis of chemical contaminants (chlorinated dioxins, furans, phenols) in water column and sediments with GC-MS.  He also provides water-focused curriculum and student experiences through course work and research. 

C. Daniel Burt, Ph.D. - Soil Scientist

Dr. Burt is a soil microbiologist with experience in molecular source tracking and nutrient cycling. His current research focuses on sustainable agricultural practices, specifically microbial nutrient cycling in poultry litter and survival of manure-derived microbes in soil.

Kalina Manoylov, Ph.D. - Phycologist, Aquatic Ecologist

Dr. Manoylov is an expert in phycology and globally renowned diatom expert. She has more than 25 years of experience in research on water quality issues, mostly measured with changes in algal communities due to alterations in nutrient supply and other anthropogenic factors. 

Matthew Milnes, Ph.D. - Animal physiologist

Dr. Milnes has extensive experience investigating mechanisms and effects of endocrine disrupting contaminants in a variety of wildlife species. 

Christine Mutiti, Ph.D. - Ecologist-Botanist

Dr. C Mutiti's research focuses on ecological relationships that involve the intersection between water and plants and has mentored undergraduate students in stream ecology and wetland research. 

Allison Rick VandeVoort, Ph.D. - Soil Scientist

Dr. VandeVoort's experience focuses on soil characterization and soil/water analysis and assessment with a background in a variety of analytical techniques including ion-selective electrodes and electrochemistry, ICP-OES, UV/vis spectroscopy, SEM with electron dispersive spectroscopy, and a variety of field assessment/monitoring techniques.

David A. Weese, Ph.D. - Molecular biologists

Dr. Weese's interest and contribution to the water quality center is in terms of biodiversity. His research would focus on the diversity of organisms in streams as indicators of overall water quality.

Kristine N. White, Ph.D. - Invertebrate Zoologist

Dr. White is a Marine Invertebrate Zoologist, specializing in marine crustacean taxonomy. Her expertise would allow water quality measurements at the organismal level. She has an interest in creating a long-term monitoring program using macroinvertebrates as environmental indicators.