Study Abroad with Department of Communication

GC England: Chinwag in London - A Communication Experience

Summer 2021

Pack your garms and trainers, we're going on a trek to London for just about a fortnight! Roll with your mates for a wicked time as we put a global perspective on communication within the British telly, cinema, media, and culture.  You'll be gobsmacked at the difference between American and British media in their practice of informing, persuading, and entertaining audiences.

Feeling Peckish? Fish and chips, beef Wellington, bangers and mash, or a good vegan curry may be on the menu. Meet and network with professionals working in journalism, advertising, film, and television. Explore London's theatre, art, Tower Bridge, Windsor Castle, and the Making of Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio.  Further exploration to Stonehenge, Castle Cary, and Clink Prison will take you back in time to explore some of the oldest and most infamous structures in the UK.

We're taking Georgia College Communication to another level...London!

For more information visit the Georgia College International Education Center 

England 2021 Brochure

Study Abroad Brochure, England 2021

Chinwag in London 2021

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