Legal Studies Minor

student talking at pre-law event

Legal Studies Minor

This minor provides students a formal mechanism by which to become better prepared for the LSAT, to make our students more successful in law school, and to offer a formal learning pathway that will provide them a better understanding of the law than would likely occur otherwise. The proposed minor has been explicitly designed with the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) advice that students thinking about attending law school take a “broad range of difficult courses.” This is done by offering students courses from no less than seven distinct academic disciplines across two Colleges at GCSU and mandating students to take at least six hours of upper-division law related courses form outside of their major.

Far from being a program for only those who want to go to law school, this program will also offer an enlightening path to those students who wish to navigate the regulatory environment of the business world, serve in the criminal justice system, or just be better prepared to live in our highly legalistic society. This is a minor that will demand students build their critical and analytical thinking skills such that they will be better prepared for life after college, no matter what path they choose. Interested students may contact the Department for more details.

For students interested in law school the Career Center has also complied resources designed to aid students in their journey. 

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