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A pre-professional program

Talented students across the nation find careers in law attractive. Since ancient time, law has always been a reflection of the values, experiences, and hopes of a people. The intellectual, strategic and human challenges which attorneys confront in their profession make law an interesting and rewarding profession.

Most pre-law students at Georgia College major in political science or business administration. However, music education, biology, English, history, psychology, and economics majors have all done well in law school after graduating from Georgia College. A course of study in pre-law is compatible with a wide variety of majors and minors.

Regardless of major, a pre-law advisor is always available to you assisting in the selection of courses and providing counseling and advising on law school admission requirements.

With about 6,000 students, George College is just big enough to offer academic stability and quality programs and facilities, yet small enough that each pre-law student gets close and detailed personal attention to his or her academic career needs. This translates into an especially high rate of success in gaining admission to law.

Legal Studies Track for Political Science Majors

The Department of Government and Sociology offers a legal studies track for political science majors that many have found to be a very useful preparation for law school or for obtaining positions in legal settings.

After Graduation

Many lawyers enter private practice after graduation but other opportunities are available. Some choose to work for government agencies, private industries, businesses, corporations, or service organizations. Others choose to concentrate on one of the many areas of specialization such as international, corporate, contract, copyright, criminal, environmental or labor law.

Mock Trial

In 2011, Georgia College created and registered two Mock Trial teams with the collegiate American Mock Trial Association. Spring semester 2012, the teams competed in their first American Mock Trial Association tournament, the Dr. Helen S. Ridley Regional Tournament at Kennesaw Sate University, representing the institution at a very high level of competition.

The Georgia College "A" Mock Trial team finished in the top half of the rankings, and also had it's Captain receive an award for individual excellence as an Attorney. In front of more than two hundred people, from more than twenty universities, one of Georgia College's students was named one of the ten most outstanding attorneys at AMTA Regional Competition.

This program will continue to build upon its great success. Georgia College's Mock Trial Team will achieve a reputation for excellence for the University and its students and will successfully contend at the regional and national level.

Applying to Law School

Applying to Law School

There are multiple factors law schools observe when determining a student's admission, including, but not limited to: undergraduate grades, performance on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. Each student's academic performance is the key that opens the door to law school and to a subsequent career in law. The LSAT should be taken in June of the student's junior year or October of their senior year. Applications to law school should be submitted by December of the student's senior year, although many law schools accept them later.

At Georgia College, departmental faculty and academic advisors, as well as the pre-law advisor, invest time in getting to know you. Thus, when you apply to law schools, your advisers can write letters of recommendation which speak specifically to the capabilities that law schools seek.

Pre-Law Extracurricular Activities

Pre-Law Society
Mock Trial
Student Government Association
Student Judicial Board
Model United Nations

Examples of Pre-Law Course Offerings

 POLS 2350 Introduction to Law 
 POLS 3361 Legal Research & Writing 
 POLS 3363 Civil Law & Civil Practice 
 POLS 3315 The American Judicial System 
 POLS 4306 Constitutional Law I 
 POLS 4307  Constitutional Law II
 POLS 4950 Constitutional Law III 

Georgia College's Pre-Law Society

The Georgia College Pre-Law Society is a body of students with the purpose of sponsoring educational activities related to the legal field. These events include: educational support and advising during the application process for law school, educational advice for LSAT preparation, as well as career counseling and mentorship and internship programs.

Additionally, the organization coordinates the bi-annual "Law Day" where various law schools showcase their legal programs to Georgia College students. Legal professionals are invited for speaking engagements and to volunteer with the society's mentorship program.

Establishing relationships with students having common career goals and supporting each other in academic and non-academic activities remains one of the primary goals among the group.

Finally, the society actively promotes the profession of law, publicizes the advantages of obtaining a degree in law, and encourages the understanding of the law among Georgia College students.