World Languages and Cultures B.A., French Concentration

french concentration students

Through the study of language, culture and literature, the French concentration major prepares students to take an active and informed part in the global community. Students will develop communicative proficiency, cultural understanding and critical thinking through the study of current societies and issues, literatures of the past and present, and the cultural histories of the French-speaking world.

Our curriculum has been expanded to include not only the language and literature courses required to establish linguistic competence, but also offerings in cultural studies. While the introductory courses stress language acquisition and cultural breadth, students in advanced courses can focus on specific cultural, historical or literary areas of interests. Some popular recent French special topics courses include Francophone Women Writers, French Fairy Tales and Business French. The curriculum reflects the diverse interests of our faculty as well as the particular needs of GC undergraduate students. Language classes use innovative pedagogical methods and interactive technologies, and we are increasingly able to offer more hybrid and fully online courses. All courses are designed to give students the tools to live and work in an increasingly global world.

Language specialists find employment in government or diplomatic service, the travel industry, public or private schools, higher education, banking, religious ministry and international business. Recent graduates are teaching in Georgia, other states, and overseas; completing masters and Ph.D. programs; serving in the Peace Corps and Teach for America, working in local, state and federal government agencies and working for non-profit or missions organizations both in the U.S. and abroad.