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The Department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC) is central to the liberal arts mission of Georgia College, encouraging and cultivating literary, linguistic and intercultural competence, academic achievement, critical thinking and a broader understanding of global issues. WLC is vital to the internationalization of the curriculum at GC, offering instruction in languages, literatures and cultures in the classroom and beyond. We also offer study abroad programs, a state of the art language lab, conversation tables, community outreach activities and honor societies for outstanding French and Spanish majors.

Our name, Department of World Languages and Cultures, reflects our commitment to study and teach languages and literatures in their cultural settings and our mission to prepare students to function effectively in today’s global context. Our core responsibility is to heighten Georgia College students’ intellectual and linguistic flexibility and foster their creative thinking by exploring with them communicative language systems other than English and the literatures and artistic manifestations of the world in their original languages. 

Among the highlights in the Department of World Languages and Cultures is a new degree program with career-orientated concentrations. The primary goal of the World Languages and Cultures B.A. at Georgia College is to provide students with a solid liberal arts education that becomes the foundation for personal and professional growth over a lifetime.  The curriculum is designed to provide students with well-developed skills that will enable them to pursue additional studies at the graduate level or to enter the job market into positions of demand.

Message to the Students

The Department of World Languages and Cultures would like to welcome you to Georgia College and State University. Whether you are considering a career in law, international business, government, film, public relations, advertising, health care, journalism, teaching . . . , we would like to suggest that a major/double major or minor in a world language will positively enhance your career options when you graduate.  Across the USA thousands of students apply for admission to graduate or professional school and there is perhaps no better way of catching the eye of graduate admission counselors than doing a major/double major or minor in a world language.

We offer a One Degree with concentrations in both French and Spanish.  Once you determine the language, you then have your choice to further concentrate your degree with French/Spanish for the Professions; French/Spanish Literature and Culture Studies; or a major concentration of French/Spanish and a minor in French/Spanish.

World Languages and Cultures students can also take advantage of an array of study abroad opportunities with semester long programs.  Our study abroad programs provide students with exciting professional opportunities. Future employers look favorably upon prospective applicants with a world language degree and a study abroad experience because they know this person is prepared to enter an ever increasing global work force.

Why Study a Foreign Language?

1. Competitiveness in the Job Market - Being fluent in another language not only looks great on a resume, putting you two steps ahead of your competition, but it also opens doors to employment opportunities that you never would have thought to explore.  Employers will view you as a very important contributor to the success of their business, especially on an international scale.  Bilingual employees are favored in a variety of professions ranging from health care and social work to education and law.

2.  Jobs in other Countries - Many students have a desire to travel and work when they graduate from college. There are many opportunities for careers working abroad - International law and/or business; film/movie productions;  Event planning; Hotel management; Tourist management/guide; Pet sitting (that's right pet sitting has become one of the hottest new jobs in European countries.)

3.  Educational Requirement - In today's world of education, all major universities require students to complete at least a year's worth of study in a foreign language to enhance their knowledge and educational experience. It has long been recognized the value of expanded views that include knowledge of a foreign language and culture.

4. Graduate School - There are some "A-listed" graduate schools that require a higher level of proficiency in a foreign language in order to be admitted into certain programs such as comparative literature and music studies.

5.  Personal Enjoyment - The very first time you are able to carry on a real conversation in a new language gives you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Learning about the unique traditions and interesting parts of a new culture is exciting and fun.

Bottom line- learning a new language will open your mind to new ideas and broader points of view. So, what are you waiting for? Just do it! Full speed ahead into your future.