CSCI 1000 Test Out

About Testing Out

Test out of CSCI 1000 and get into CBIS 2220 by taking a two part examination. 

How It Works

Part 1 - Concept Exam

Part One is a concept exam comprised of computer systems, information law and ethics, and information resources. Please note that Part One is free. The concept exam consists of sixty (60) questions pulled from three study guides, which can be accessed below. A student must get at least 70% to pass part one, and they will have only three chances to get 70%. 

Please note that once individuals complete Part One with a passing grade, they will have two weeks to complete Part Two

Part 2 - Lab Format Skills Test

Part Two is a lab format, skill-based test that covers Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This portion of the exam will cost $40, which is payable at the Business Office (111 Parks Hall). 

After paying the fee, a student will receive access to the study materials for Part Two. Once the student is through practicing, they can proceed with taking Part Two of the exam. This exam consists of three, 20-30 minute sections. A student must get at least 70% on each part in order to pass Part Two, and they will have three chances on each exam. Again, please note that individuals will have two weeks to complete Part Two after completing Part One. 

Testing Dates and Times

Testing dates and times are by appointment, and the Atkinson Testing Center is located in ATK 306. 

Please contact Brad Fowler at for more information.