Board Bylaws

Established By-Laws for the Marketing Advisory Board (Adopted March 12, 2015)

  • Members must agree to serve a single three-year term. Invitations may be extended for a second three-year term.

  • The Board will consist of a minimum of 12 members and not more than 16 members.

  • Potential members may be nominated by existing board members or faculty and invited to join by the Department Chair or the Board Chair.

  • The position of Board Chair will be a nominated position. Board Members or the Department Chair may nominate an existing member to serve as Board Chair and a vote of greater than 50% of members is required to confirm the nomination.

  • The Board Chair will serve for a period of one-year. There is no term limit on this chair.

  • Members are encouraged to actively participate in board meetings and activities.

  • Members are expected to attend a minimum of six of the nine board meetings during the three-year term.

  • The Advisory Board will meet three times annually and will endeavor to do so in late-August, early-December and early-March.

  • During a member’s three-year term, they must serve on at least one committee or participate in at least one Georgia College activity, outside of the regular board meetings, with faculty and/or students.

    • Examples include marketing class speaker, mock interviewer, serving on the summer job fair committee, assisting the Dean on the annual fundraising campaign, etc.
  • Members shall agree to support our Department of Marketing with their time, resources and expertise.

  • Members will support the Department of Marketing financially with a recommended annual donation at the college’s Blue & Green Club level ($250 or more).

  • Members will partner with other board members or faculty to improve the Department’s program or classes.

  • Members will promote Georgia College and the Department to the external community.