Strategic Plan Development Timeline

Strategic Plan Development Timeline
  1. Reviewing and Refining the CoBT Mission, Vision, and CoBT Core Values (November)

    • Leveraging findings from focus group meetings, we will determine if and what we need to make changes to our mission, vision, and core values – Micheal will lead
  2. Prioritizing the Big Ideas and Formulating the 2022-2027 Plan (December 2021-January 2022)

    • An initial set of focused 5-year strategic priorities/pillars – All with Micheal and Tanya as leads
    • Associated yearly goals, tactical initiatives – All with Micheal and Tanya as leads
    • Risk assessments and mitigation actions TBD
    • Concrete Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (e.g., High Impact Practices rate; student success measures, faculty productivity measures, societal impact measures, etc.) – TBD
    • Expected areas of innovation – TBD
    • Expected key areas of positive impact on society – TBD
  3. Planning Sessions (February-March 2022)

    • Deliverable – facilitate discussion with stakeholders to preview initial plan draft for feedback and refinement; summarize feedback for the task force
Stakeholder Groups* Task Force Teams
CoBT Faculty JJ, Jehan
CoBT Students/Alums Juan, Luke, Will
Parents Tanya, Tom, Tess

Employers/Community Partners

  • Local/Regional Employers
  • Internship Hosts
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • CODEC Clients
Kari, Rob, Rhonda, Jamie


  • CoBT Leadership Board
  • Departmental Boards
Mike, Barry, JR

Internal GC Stakeholders

  • CoBT Staff
  • Academic Affairs incl. Registrar Office, Academic Advising
  • Student Affairs incl. Career Center
  • Finance/Administration
Holley, Michael
*The draft plan will be shared with stakeholders in advance; there will be an opportunity through an online feedback form for those unavailable to attend to submit thoughts/responses


Implementation Timeline

Implementation Timeline