Pre-Professional/Graduate School Planning

The Career Center has created the Pre-Professional & Graduate School Planning program to act as a centralized location for students to gain information about applying for and choosing graduate and professional programs to best suit their career goals.  Partnering with Academic Advising, faculty, and other campus partners allows the advisors to act as liaisons to connect students with the resources and offices that will benefit the student's individualized needs.  Meeting with one of the pre-professional & graduate advisors can help students with the application process, building resumes, personal statement writing, identifying testing, and much more.  Throughout the year, the Pre-Professional & Graduate School Planning program will hold events and informational sessions to keep students informed of opportunities and frequently asked questions.  Make an appointment today through Unify!





It is important to remember that there is not a specific major needed to get into law school.  What admission decisions are based on is overall GPA, LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, and a written personal statement.  The Career Center can offer advice and tips on these areas to help students be competitive candidates, regardless of their undergraduate major.


Graduate & Professional School Fair

The Career Center holds a Graduate & Professional School Fair each October where students can continue to explore different program types and schools.  There are opportunities to meet representatives from over 50 programs, ranging in disciplines and spanning across the country to help students fully evaluate the opportunities available.  Talk to the pre-professional advisors about how this fair can benefit your future! 

Interested program and school representatives can sign up for this fair through Handshake or by contacting the Career Center directly.