GC Stories

GC Stories is a podcast devoted to finding and telling some of the most remarkable tales of GC life from alumni, faculty, students, and staff. We love anecdotes and legends, amazing feats and incredible ironies fueled by a healthy dose of GC preeminence. Every episode is about 10 minutes in length, worked on by our GC Storytellers, and hosted by Eric Jones and Aubrie Sofala.


Episode 1: The Case of the Defaced Bobcat

A team of third-through-fifth graders walk into the Centennial Center and discover a cardboard cut-out of Thunder disgraced by a funny nose and mustache, so what do they do? Break out their microscopes and forensic science kits and get to the bottom of it, that’s what.



Episode 2: The Hoop House

When a burgeoning farm’s hoop house is carried off in a wind storm, what will the GC community do to help it get back on its feet? 



Episode 3: What does the 'X' mean?

Veronica Womack tells the story of how a single letter of the alphabet started her down the path to becoming one of the foremost prominent voices for the Black Belt. 



Episode 4: The Story of Bernard

Dr. Cedric Howard tells the story of the most amazing applications package he ever read, from a boy who was the sole breadwinner for his family since the age of 13, and the even more amazing story of what became of him.


Episode 5: Memory Hill

Dr. Bob Wilson has a chance encounter with a woman who claims to see dead people, and then proceeds to do so … in his office.



Episode 6: The Service Circle

Kendall Stiles tells the story of how she made the Give Center better by nearly destroying it.