Active Learning

Active Learning is an approach to education that transforms traditional classrooms into interactive spaces designed to facilitate interactive learning strategies, flexible resources such as adaptable seating for both independent study and collaborative group work with integrated environmentally appropriate technology.

Active Learning Environments

Georgia College, teaching is #1!  Research shows that active learning classrooms and the use of pedagogy that supports active learning improves student learning outcomes, grades, and engagement.  The campus has a growing number of classrooms enhanced with technology to support teaching, as well as active learning spaces in classrooms and collaborative commons areas for students. 

Active Learning Spaces

Active learning spaces are classrooms that encourage student collaboration and peer teaching.  Collaborative commons areas are non-classroom areas that are furnished with collaboration tools, such as whiteboards, Wi-Fi TEC monitors, and pod seating arrangements. View examples of active learning environments and the associated furnishings on our campus.

Classrooms Enhanced with Technology

Classrooms enhanced with technology have one or more Wi-Fi TV monitors that allow for collaboration. There are 2 applications that can be used to collaborate using these monitors. AirServer Connect and Infocus LiteShow4 (also referred to as TEC).

AirServer Connect

There are times when you would like to show content to your class to engage your audience, using your electronic device. With AirServer Connect, you can wirelessly mirror your device's display (Mac or iOS) to your projector, SMART board or HDTV.

AirServer Connect also supports multiple simultaneous connections, so one or more students could mirror their devices to share their ideas and their work with the rest of the class. You can monitor what your students are working on and encourage collaboration. Check out these AirServer features for education.

NOTE: We recommend that you turn off your devices sleep mode prior to using AirServer Connect. If your device goes into sleep mode, you will be automatically disconnected from the monitor.

LiteShow4 (TEC)

A small app, Infocus LiteShow4 (TEC), allows you to easily share data, audio, or video over a secure wireless connection. You can connect up to 4 computers to the display at the same time. Sharing is best when using a laptop computer. Users with tablets and mobile phones may experience some limitations. The app is available for download from the Unify > GC Software folder > Liteshow.

Learn more on how to connect with the TEC Instructions.

Classrooms with Wi-Fi TV Monitors

Below is an overview of the building and the number of classrooms that have one or more Wi-Fi TV monitors that display the Technology Enhanced Collaboration (TEC) features. Detail classroom numbers are located in the Information Technology website under the section Classroom Technology - Technology Enhanced Collaboration.

Table displaying building names and number of classrooms with TEC (as of 1/1/2019)

Building # Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Arts & Sciences






Ennis Hall


Health Sciences


Herty Hall




West Campus


Innovative Learning Environments Resources

Learn more about innovative learning environments at to visualize the possibilities for Georgia College. FLEXspace is your one-stop shop for best practices, detailed examples, and a community dedicated to improving learning spaces around the world.

Active Learning Fellows

The GC Active Learning Fellows is a year long program that began during 2018.  The purpose of the Fellows Program is to support faculty interested in incorporating collaborative active learning pedagogy in teaching. The Fellow participants will:

  • Share research findings on active learning
  • Become knowledgeable about collaborative active learning classrooms at Georgia College and other universities
  • Become knowledgeable about collaborative active learning classrooms at high schools from which our Georgia College students graduated
  • Identify grant possibilities to support collaborative active learning initiatives
  • Support Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) work that explores the effectiveness of collaborative learning techniques and active learning classrooms at Georgia College
2018 Active Learning Fellows
Angela Criscoe College of Arts & Sciences
Maggie Discher Facilities Planning
Josie Doss College of Health Sciences
Jamie Downing College of Arts & Sciences
Peggy Elliott College of Arts & Sciences
Rachel Epstein College of Arts & Sciences
Renee Fontenot College of Business
Catherine Fowler College of Health Sciences
Sandy Gangstead College of Health Sciences
Joy Godin College of Business
Debbie Grier College of Health Sciences
Michael Hobbs College of Health Sciences
Justina Jenkins College of Education
Kasey Karen College of Arts & Sciences
Debby MacMillan College of Health Sciences
Hasitha Mahabaduge College of Arts & Sciences
Yeprem Mehraman College of Education
Chesley Mercado College of Health Sciences
Ronald O'Koth College of Arts & Sciences
Bob Orr Information Technology
Joe Peters College of Education
Jaclyn Queen Center for Teaching and Learning
Carol Sapp College of Health Sciences
Jim Schiffman College of Arts & Sciences
Jeanne Sewell Center for Teaching and Learning
Christina Smith College of Arts & Sciences
Liz Speelman College of Health Sciences
Ed Stanley Information Technology
Stephen Wills College of Education

The Active Learning Fellows collaborate with face-to-face meetings as well as in the Active Learning Fellows GeorgiaVIEW course.  The fellows meet face-to-face as a group at least twice during Spring and Fall semesters.

CTL Celebrates Lee Kirven & Wathsala Medawala: Active Learning 101 Completers

We are thrilled to extend our warmest congratulations to Lee Kirven and Wathsala Medawala, completers of the first cohort of Active Learning 101 held in Spring 2023. These exceptional faculty members have wholeheartedly embraced active learning strategies, leading the way to transformative educational experiences. Their dedication and enthusiasm are commendable, and we take immense pride in having them as esteemed members of our faculty. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments as Active Learning 101 completers from the Spring 2023 cohort and their unwavering commitment to transforming education through active learning.