Professional Development & Certifications

Many opportunities are offered to faculty for development and certification.

Quality Matters Professional Development

Quality Matters professional development is designed to help educators deliver the promise of quality online learning opportunities to every level of learner. Whether you’re looking to improve course design or participate in the Course Review process, Quality Matters has options to help you meet your goals.

Look for on-campus learning opportunities on Quality Matters training as CTL offers Applying the QM Rubric certification several times throughout each semester.

LEAP Georgia College & GC Journeys

LEAP Georgia College. As a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), Georgia College is a LEAP institution and a member of LEAP Georgia. Goal 2 of Georgia College’s strategic plan emphasizes the incorporation of the LEAP essential learning outcomes and the use of transformative experiences (High-Impact Practices) in general education and the majors. The implementation of Goal 2 of the strategic plan is coordinated by the Liberal Arts Council (LAC). The specifics of the implementation of Goal 2 are met through GC Journeys, in which Freshman students beginning in Fall 2017 will complete five transformative experiences (high impact practices) by graduation. CTL leadership staff are members of LAC.  CTL coordinates faculty development support related to the strategic plan.

GC Journeys is a is a transformative, creative, and unique approach designed to promote preeminence and graduate students who are consummate thinkers and active citizens.

  1. Essential Skills (ESs) – Every course at GC teaches one of the AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) and each student is assessed using the VALUE rubrics, which correspond to the ELO taught in the course.
  2. Transformative Experiences (TEs) – Each native GC student will participate in at least 5 TEs (high-impact practices) prior to graduation. Three of the experiences are inherently built into the undergraduate experiences (First Year Experience, GC Career Planning Milestones, and Capstone).  Students have a menu choice for the other two (including Study Abroad/Study Away, Community-based Engaged Learning, Intensive Leadership Experiences, Mentored Undergraduate Research, and Internships and Field-Based Apprenticeships.
  3. Learning Nudges - Small, targeted interventions designed to improve learning are woven throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum.

The GC Journey’s Program authentically assesses each aspect of student learning with a portfolio approach.

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