Documentation Requirements

If you have a documented disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Public Law 933-112 Section 504), you may be eligible to receive accommodations.                  

Accommodations will be provided only with appropriate documentation (pdf). Documentation must be on file for each disability for which a student requests accommodations. For instance, if a student has a learning disability and a mobility impairment, specific documentation must be on file for both.

IEP’s and 504 Plans end with high school graduation. Both provide helpful background information, but do not meet the documentation standard for college accommodations. Please provide documentation from an appropriate licensed professional that follows the University System of Georgia Documentation Guidelines and documents your impairment(s). If documentation of a disability does not exist, we can assist with seeking licensed professionals who can provide acceptable documentation.

Basic Documentation Requirements include:

  • a current evaluation (less than 36 months old) of the disability from a qualified professional (licensed to diagnose the condition by Georgia law; evaluators may not be friends or family members of the student);
  • specific symptoms that are present;
  • evidence that these symptoms are associated with substantial impairment in a major life activity;
  • a detailed description of current substantial limitation in the academic environment;
  • specific requests for accommodations need to be linked to the student's current functional limitations and the rationale for each recommendation clearly stated.

Please visit the Georgia Board of Regents Policy page for more detailed information on documentation.