Paratransit is an alternative mode of flexible passenger transportation that does not follow fixed routes or schedules. The Student Disability Resource Center and Parking and Transportation Services partner to provide expanded services to individuals with documented mobility issues.

We do not pick up or transport to any locations off of main campus. We cannot provide transport from 4:30 p.m. - 8 a.m, Monday-Friday and we do not provide weekend transport.

  • If a student has an injury or has had surgery, please go to the Parking and Transportation Office to request a temporary parking pass that will allow you to park closer to classes.
  • Lyft and Uber are now available in the Milledgeville area. 
  • If you live in a private apartment complex in Milledgeville, shuttles have become more robust in their service areas.

If you need additional assistance, please register with our office for paratransit services.

Accessible Doors, Entrances, Lifts, Parking, Routes on Campus:

Temporary Parking Pass Information:

Campus Shuttle Schedule (Shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts):

Live Shuttle Map:

Elevator Locations on Campus:

  • Adams Hall – Elevator located near front entrance at lobby
  • Arts & Sciences – Elevator located through the Auditorium entrance (left side of building); take a left into the main hallway, take a right; elevator is on the right towards the back of the building
  • Atkinson Hall – Elevators (two) are located at the center of each floor of the building
  • Beeson Hall – Elevator located on right-hand side of lobby off Montgomery St. Entrance
  • Bell Hall – Elevator located near basement/parking lot entrance
  • Campus Theater – Elevator located through Barnes & Noble to the right of the stairs (access to floors 1-5)
  • Centennial Center – Elevator located in the southwest corner of the building
  • Ennis Hall – Elevator is located on the left (east) side of building to the left of the center stairwell on all floors
  • Health Sciences – Elevator located off main entrance on North Wilkinson St. Down the hall and to the right, next to room 202.
  • Herty Hall – Elevator located near back entrance (closest to parking lot – access to floors 1-3); Elevator located near Observatory (access to floors 1-4); Elevator located near rooms 240 and 242 (near front entrance)
  • Kilpatrick – Elevator located through the main entrance on the right after passing the Dean’s Office
  • Lanier Hall – Elevator located at the entrance closest to the library
  • Mayfair – Elevator located to the right of main reception area
  • Miller Gym – Enclosed lift to the right of the main entrance facing Montgomery Street (under awning to the right of the steps)
  • MSU – Elevator located outside on the north side of building (Parks Hall is behind and to the left)
  • Napier Hall – Elevator located near entrance on Centennial Center entrance side
  • Newell-Watts House – Left located behind Newell-Watts (access only to 1st floor)
  • Old Governor’s Mansion – Elevator located in the central stair hall and goes through all four levels of the museum
  • Parks Hall – Elevator located next to the Registrar’s Office
  • Parks Memorial – Elevator is located in the center of floors 1-2
  • Porter Hall – Elevator located on left side of building (closest to Bell Hall parking lot)
  • Russell Library - Elevator located to the right of the atrium entrance (A&S side – access to floors 1-3); Elevator located close to the large windows fronting Montgomery St. (access to floors 2-3)
  • Sanford Hall – Elevator located near the Housing office suites (access to ground and first floors)
  • Student Activity Center – Elevator located at entrance off Liberty St. (across from the SGA offices)
  • Terrell Hall – Elevator is adjacent to the center stair on the East side of Terrell (side closest to Bell Hall)
  • The Village 400 – Elevator located to the right of main entrance, between laundry and fitness rooms (access to floors Terrace-3)
  • The Village 500 - Elevator located to the right of main entrance beside room 5108 (access to floors Terrace-3)
  • The Village 600 – Elevator located to the right of main entrance, turn left at end of hallway, between laundry room and room 6108 (access to floors Terrace-3)
  • Wellness Center – Elevator located across from Court 3 on left (west) side of building
  • Wells Hall – Elevator located near the Greene St. Entrance