Process for Requesting Accommodations

In compliance with the ADA, students must self-identify, provide documentation of their disability, and request services and accommodations. IEP’s and 504 Plans end with high school graduation. Both provide helpful background information, but do not meet the documentation standard for college accommodations. Specific procedures and documentation requirements are in place, but we are still dependent on the student coming forward. Accommodations requested retroactively are not appropriate and generally not provided.


Provide Disability Documentation (pdf) and Complete a Request for Services (pdf)
Once completed, please return the Request for Services and documentation to our office by mailing it, e-mailing it to, faxing to 478-445-1959, or delivering it to us in person.

IEP’s and 504 Plans end with high school graduation. Both provide helpful background information, but do not meet the documentation standard for college accommodations. Please provide documentation from an appropriate licensed professional that follows the University System of Georgia Documentation Guidelines and documents your impairment(s). If documentation of a disability does not exist, we can assist with seeking licensed professionals who can provide acceptable documentation.

Basic Documentation Requirements include:

  • a current evaluation (less than 36 months old) of the disability from a qualified professional (licensed to diagnose the condition by Georgia law; evaluators may not be friends or family members of the student);
  • evidence of existing impairment;
  • background information (e.g., interview, review of records);
  • relevant testing including tests administered and dates of administration (Assessment, and any resulting diagnosis, should consist of and be based on a comprehensive assessment battery that does not rely on any one test or subtest);
  • specific requests for accommodations need to be linked to the student's current functional limitations and the rationale for each recommendation clearly stated;
  • specific diagnosis, including DSM-IV TR

USG Documentation Policy

All documentation will be sent to the Regents' Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD) for review. The RCLD sets the standard for post-secondary documentation requirements to determine eligibility for appropriate academic accommodations.The RCLD is part of the Board of Regents, the governing body for all public colleges and universities in Georgia. All documentation will be sent to the RCLD for review. Wait times for the RCLD review can be up to 4-6 weeks. Once our office receives the review from the RCLD you will be contacted via your Bobcats e-mail address to update you on your status.

If the documentation does not meet criteria you can contact the RCLD for an explanation of the review at 706-542-4589. It is your responsibility to contact your medical professional, obtain the appropriate information, and make sure we receive any additional information to add to the original documentation submitted.

Filing a Grievance/Complaints:

Complaints of failure to provide reasonable accommodation of a qualified disability or allegations of discrimination based on disability can be filed with the GC Office of Legal Affairs and the Office of Human Resources within ninety (90) days of the last incident.

* Please note that Georgia College processes all discrimination and harassment complaints, including harassment based on disability, in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Sexual Harassment Policy.