Assistant Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer Search

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Role of the Assistant Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

Reporting to the President and serving as a member of the President’s Council, the Assistant Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer will be charged with providing leadership, oversight and guidance in the implementation of a Diversity Action Plan.  The AVP/CDO will modify, develop, execute, and lead critical institutional initiatives, policies, and projects. Utilizing a deep understanding of DEI challenges and opportunities and an ability to lead systemic change, the AVP/CDO will also collaborate with campus leaders, students, alumni, faculty, staff and external constituencies to ensure diversity and inclusion in all campus operations, provide leadership in enhancing the institutional climate, and ensure accountability to the goals of diversity and inclusion from students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

The successful candidate will have a track record of accomplishments in leading institutional initiatives, building programs, working collaboratively with stakeholders, representing the institution in writing and speaking to internal and external constituencies, and promoting diversity and inclusion as a core value of a university.

Search Timeline

April 2022

  • April 26 - Search Committee Kickoff Meeting
  • Late April - Leadership Profile and Ad Finalized
  • Late April (through early June) - Recruitment and Candidate Evaluation

May 2022

  • Early May - Search Committee Meeting
  • Late May - Search Update Meeting with Committee

June 2022

  • Early June - Candidate Selection Meeting
  • Mid-June - Semi-Finalist Interviews
  • Late June - Finalist Interviews
  • Late June - Finalist Selection


  • Search Conclusion
  • Appointment Begins
Search Committee
Name Title
Brooks, Shawn Search Co-Chair / Vice President for Student Life
Easom, Lauren Search Co-Chair / Student Life Representative / Director, Career Services
Jackson, John Staff Council Representative / Director, Parking & Transportation
Jones, Brittany Student Representative
Moore, GT Student Representative
Robinson, Joel Academic Affairs Representative / Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management 
Sanford, Lamonica University Senate Representative / Assessment Librarian
Schwartz, Joanna Faculty Representative / Professor of Marketing
Walker, Shaundra Academic Affairs Representative / Library Director


Search Committee Charge
  • The search committee shall work collaboratively to identify and recommend to the President a slate of at least three qualified candidates to serve as Assistant Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer.
  • The search shall be national in scope, and search committee members cannot apply.
  • The search committee chair will serve as the spokesperson for the search committee; this is vitally important to help prevent the appearance of mixed messaging.
  • The committee shall review the position description for essential qualifications.
  • The committee shall establish a reasonable timeline for the search.
  • The committee shall recommend a list of appropriate advertising sources to create a broad and diverse pool.
  • The committee shall observe all HR, legal, USG, and institutional guidelines throughout the process, to include completion of GC search committee training. 
  • The committee shall approve the elements that are needed to create a search website, to ensure transparency throughout the search process.
  • A detailed record of the work of the search committee must be kept. The search committee will need to maintain records, including notes, and keep the university informed of progress through the search website and FrontPage.
  • The committee shall act in a professional manner with appropriate candidate confidentiality throughout the search.  Each member of the search committee must agree to honor the commitment of confidentiality and sign a Confidentiality Agreement Form. Such an agreement from each person is essential to ensure an effective search. Consideration of prospects, nominees, and applicants must be done in a way that each member of this committee may speak candidly about a candidate’s qualifications without fear that their views will be made known outside the committee. 
  • The committee shall develop a matrix to guide in the hiring process that includes the essential qualifications of the position with special attention to our commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence.
  • Search committee members need to be active participants in identifying potential applicants.
  • The committee shall screen applications to identify an initial group of qualified candidates to interview through a video interview.
  • The committee will be active in checking references of the final candidates.
  • The committee shall recommend three to four top candidates who will be invited to campus to interview.
  • The committee shall serve as coordinators to collect feedback from all of the stakeholders participating in the interviews. 
  • The committee shall deliberate, consider all input as well as their own insights and bring forward a determination of acceptable or not acceptable, as well as detailed strengths and weaknesses of each of the finalists.
  • The committee shall convey to the President their collective observations in order to inform the final selection by the President.