GACTE Fall 2020 Board Meeting

GACTE Fall Board Meeting
Online via Zoom:
Or by phone: 929 205 6099; Meeting ID: 997 8462 3561; Passcode: 210537
November 18, 2020, 9:00—11:30

2020-2021 Board Members

  • President—Loleta Sartin
  • President Elect—Joseph Peters
  • Past President—Karynne Kleine
  • Secretary—Rachel Abbott
  • Treasurer—Susan Hagood
  • Sharon Hixon, At Large (2022)
  • Dianne Hoff, At Large (2021)
  • Adrain Epps, At Large (2023)
  • Tom Koballa, Joyce Many, Legislative Co-Chairs
  • Paige Tompkins Communications Chair
  • Michele McKie, Research Chair
  • April Burke, WebMaster (non-voting member)
  • Agency Representatives
    • Penney McRoy, PSC
    • Caitlin Dooley, DoE
    • Cynthia Bolton Gary, USG


  • 9:10 – 9:25: Old Business: President Loleta Sartin
    • 9:15—9:45: Spring Conference Plans: President Loleta Sartin & President Elect Joe Peters
      • Timeline for Final Delivery Decision
      • Site Options
      • Registration Timeline & Cost
      • Conference Outcomes & Theme
  • 9:25—11:30: New Business: President Loleta Sartin
    • 9:45—9:50: President’s Report: President Loleta Sartin
    • Partner Updates
      • 9:50-10:05: GAPSC Update: Penny McRoy & Angie Gant
      • 10:05-10:20: GADOE Update: Caitlin Dooley
      • 10:20-10:30: USG Update: Cynthia Bolton Gary
    • 10:30-11:00 Committee Reports
      • Committee Reports – Standing Committees
        • Nominating Committee: Past President Karynne Kleine
        • Legislative Committee: Co-Chairs Tom Koballa and Joyce Many
          • Charge
            • Work with Executive Director, GAEL, PAGE to implement Day on the Hill
            • Review 2020 GACTE Legislative Priorities, seek input from membership and develop a 2021 Priorities. Submit to GACTE Board before December 31 for approval. Submit approved document for posting on GACTE website, to membership, and to legislators on/before Day on the Hill event.
        • Communications Committee: Chair Paige Tompkins
          • Charge
            • Work with GACTE Legislative Committee, Executive Board, Exec Director, PSC, DOE, USG, and April to ensure critical information is submitted to all members.
            • The Communications Committee Chair is the conduit for all materials to be posted on GACTE webpage.
        • Research: Chair, Michele McKie
          • Charge
            • Projects As Assigned by the Board
    • Committee Reports – Ad Hoc Committees
      • Constitution and Bylaws (Review every 3-5 years): Chair Rhonda Porter
        • Charge
          • To review existing Constitution and Bylaws for needed changes.
          • Submit any proposed changes to Board by 2021Spring Board Meeting (The Board will act on the proposed changes and present them to the full membership, via email after the Spring Board meeting, and present them to the full membership at the Fall 2021 for approval. Approved changes will be submitted by the Executive Director to AACTE for approval.)
      • Awards Committee
        • Chance Award: Chair Dee Greer
          • Charge
            • Seek input and applications from membership and/or school partners. The committee will make recommendations to the Board on Chance Outstanding Service Award recipient and the Teacher/Mentor Award recipients. The recipients will be submitted to the Board no later than December 31. The Board will approve and direct the Committee to prepare the plaque/award and the Award Ceremony. The Awards ceremony will be at the annual GACTE Spring conference.
      • 11:00-11:30: Strategic Plan 2022—2025: Chair Adrian Epps
        • Board Input Desired
        • Charge
          • To review 2018-21 Strategic Plan, seek input from GACTE membership, and develop a DRAFT 2022-25 Strategic Planning document.
          • Submit proposed Strategic Plan to the Board at the 2021Spring Board Meeting (The Board will act on the proposed changes and present them to the full membership at the Fall 2021 for action.)