Educator Preparation Stakeholders Council

The Educator Preparation Stakeholders Council will be the executive body responsible for all issues related to educator preparation and certification and shall represent the Faculty of Educator Preparation.

Focus: A purposeful exchange of ideas to benefit P-20 outcomes. 

Membership: (29 members)

  1. College of Education Dean/Dean’s Appointee (Dr. Holley Roberts)
  2. College of Education Director of Partnerships and Field Placements (Mrs. Claire Garrett)
  3. Department Chair, Professional Learning and Innovation (Dr. Linda Bradley)
  4. Department Chair, Teacher Education (Dr. Desha Williams)
  5. Pre- Education Coordinator (Dr. Joanne Previts)
  6. Director of Georgia College Early College (Dr. Runee Sallad)
  7. Department Chair, Music (or appointee) (Dr. Jennifer Flory)
  8. Department Chair, Health and Human Performance (or appointee)  (Dr. Kevin Hunt)
  9. Faculty Member, Teacher Education (TBA)
  10. Faculty Member, Professional Learning and Innovation (TBA)
  11. Dean of Arts and Sciences (or appointee) (TBA)
  12. Field Based/Clinical Coordinator, Department of Health and Human Performance (TBA)
  13. Director of Science Education Center (Dr. Catrena H. Lisse)
  14. Director of Call Me MiSTER (Dr. Emmanuel Little)
  15. Executive Director of Extended University (or appointee) (TBA)
  16. Director of Admissions (or appointee) (TBA)
  17. GC Undergraduate Student (TBA)
  18. GC Graduate Student (TBA)
  19. Georgia Military College representative (TBA)
  20. Community Member (retired teacher, school board member, advisory board member, business leader) (TBA)
  21. Superintendent Baldwin County School District (or appointee)  (Dr. Noris Privce)
  22. School District Administrator (TBA)
  23. School District Administrator (TBA)
  24. Teacher Early Childhood Education (TBA)
  25. Teacher Middle Grades (TBA)
  26. Teacher Special Education (TBA)
  27. Teacher Service Teacher (Instructional Technology, Library Media, Teacher Leader, Literacy) (TBA)
  28. P-12 Assessment Administrator (TBA)
  29. Recent Graduate of College of Education (TBA)

Membership Selection and Terms

  • Members will be selected based on diversity of thought, perspectives, and experience.
  • Members will serve by position or term.


  • The committee will meet a minimum of once per university semester.

The Educator Preparation Stakeholders Council shall:

  • Be responsible for all issues related to educator preparation and certification, including the approval of courses, programs, and degree requirements. 
  • Have the authority to evaluate programs and to oversee the articulation of various teacher certification programs on campus within the terms of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, the Professional Standards Commission, the Board of Regents, and other standard setting bodies appropriate to each discipline. 
  • Determine decisions of the Educator Preparation Council where possible by consensus


Contact Us

Dr. Joe Peters
CBX 70 Georgia College
220C Kilpatrick Education Center
Milledgeville, GA 31061
478-445-2518  Fax: 478-445-6582

Dr. Holley Roberts
Associate Dean
John H. Lounsbury College of Education
Georgia College
Campus Box 70
Milledgeville, GA 31061