ENGAGE - Georgia College's Quality Enhancement Plan

Georgia College Engage Continuum

At Georgia College, students and faculty are encouraged to partner with community groups to address mutually identified needs and to promote public well-being through teaching, learning, scholarship, and outreach. ENGAGE offers workshops, grants, support for conference travel and opportunities to network with community partners.

ENGAGE supports development of Community-based Engaged Learning (C-bEL) experiences for students in the classroom and beyond.  Through C-bEL experiences, Georgia College students address community issues and needs in partnership with community organizations.  Learning experiences that meet the following four criteria are encouraged to apply for the C-bEL designation.

  • Students integrate theory and practice.
  • Students have direct experiences in community settings.
  • Students participate in mutually beneficial partnerships with community organizations.
  • Students critically reflect on their community-based experiences.


Fall Semester Critical Reflection Rubric: Dec. 15
Fall Semester Final Report: Dec. 15  
Fall Semester Community Partner Survey: Dec. 15
Spring Semester Critical Reflection Rubric: May 15
Spring Semester Final Report: May 15
Spring Semester Community Partner Survey: May 15
May Semester Critical Reflection Rubric: June 9
May Semester Final Report: June 9
May Semester Community Partner Survey: June 9
Summer Semester Critical Reflection Rubric: July 31
Summer Semester Final Report: July 31
Summer Semester Community Partner Survey: July 31


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