Latino Student Association

The Latino Student Association (LSA) at Georgia College is a registered student organization. It is the purpose of the LSA to bring Latino-Hispanic students, students of color, and other students attending Georgia College together in an organized manner to provide activities that will enhance their personal development, social growth, educational experience, and cultural understanding of Latino students and their culture at Georgia College. LSA will be a source of encouragement, strength, and support for Latino/ Hispanic students. We were established in January of 2007.   

As the Latino-Hispanic population continues to grow in Georgia, support for organizations as the Latino Student Association is crucial for the success and growth of this unique student population at Georgia College. One issue the Latino community faces daily is the generalization of this community and their experience: not all Latinos speak Spanish or immigrated to the United States. Our heritage is influenced by the indigenous people of the Americas, to the African influences in Brazil and the Caribbean, to the European influences from Spain. We are a complex and diverse community.  Our expected learning outcomes of the organization is for active members, campus community, and the surrounding area to develop a better and clearer understanding of the Latino-Hispanic experience.

 LSA Goals

Be a support system for entering freshman at Georgia College as well as upperclassmen who are becoming more aware of their ethnic identity or want to learn more about Latino Culture.
We want to build bonds between students and faculty and make sure that we all come together to learn about all the different types of traditions and groups within Latin America.
Support active members by providing information on academic resources, scholarship opportunities, and career information.
Be advocates for our Latino history and current social issues/concerns and participate in discussions, forums, and lectures.
Collaborate with more Georgia College student organizations, academic departments, and committees to build bonds across our campus resources.
Reach out to the local Baldwin County Latino community and work towards building a sense of trust as well as a sense of assurance and support from Georgia College and the Community as a whole. Below are some of our goals for community service and outreach.
Translating, tutoring, and mentoring.
Hosting campus events that encourage for Latino parents to play a bigger role in their child/s education.

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