Chappell Hall
School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Welcome to Georgia College's School of Continuing and Professional Studies! 

Angela Criscoe

It's an exciting time to explore lifelong learning.  Whether you are a professional, a student in a k-12 school district, a retiree, or you have an interest in enriching your life,  The School of Continuing and Professional Studies provides quality, educational programs that will support your growth.

Continuing and Professional Education is where you will find a plethora of educational programs that will help you acquire skills to advance your knowledge or grow in your career.  For credit and non-credit programs are available.

Our offices of Academic Outreach, Afterschool Achievement, and Communities in Schools, provides support, resources, and educational programs to students in k-12 school districts.

Milledgeville's history can be explored through the programs offered within the department of Historic Museum.

We have expanded our services and partnered with several institutions within the state to provide theatrical technical support, and production services.

I welcome you to explore the journey of lifelong learning through our educational programs, professional development opportunities, and enrichment activities.

Go Bobcats!

Angela Criscoe, M.F.A.