Resources for Faculty Members

The Dean of Students interacts with faculty regarding the academic honor code and care services.  When academic integrity issues arise, faculty follow Academic Affairs policies related to academic integrity violations; however, when a faculty member holds a student responsible for an Academic Honor Code violation and/or desires additional accountability for the student's behavior, they work with the Dean of Students to make sure the incident is recorded and that further disciplinary action is considered.  

In addition, faculty members often have students who

  • stop coming to class for a period of time,
  • disrupt class often,
  • do not complete multiple assignments,
  • write concerning statements in a paper, or
  • demonstrate unusual changes in behavior.   

These are examples of when faculty members should submit a CARE Team report and work with the Dean of Students as needed to resolve the issue.  

Below is helpful information for new and returning faculty alike.  When in doubt about a student issue, please call the Office of the Dean of Students (478.445.2090).