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Role of the Vice President for Finance and Administration

The Vice President for Finance and Administration provides leadership, strategic planning, and coordination of the university's financial and administrative operations to ensure optimal support of the university's mission and goals. As a member of the President's Executive Cabinet and senior staff, the Vice President serves as the chief steward of the university's financial, human, and physical resources. The Vice President provides leadership for process improvement and service excellence across the division, ensures effective coordination and consultation with appropriate University System of Georgia officials, and works collaboratively with other university leaders on initiatives that advance the mission and strategic priorities of the university.

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Educational Requirements

Master's degree in business administration or a related field; at least 10 years of related experience in a higher education environment; AND strong financial credentials and experience.


The Vice President for Finance and Administration must have the ability to work with an executive cabinet and display an appreciation and deep understanding of the university's operational interconnectivity at all levels to represent the institution effectively, as well as the ability to work with all levels of staff, faculty, administration, students, and external stakeholders. The position must be able to lead and be led. The areas within the Division of Finance and Administration provide a wide range of services to the university, including accounting, budget, business office, human resources, facilities operations, facilities planning, public safety, auxiliary services, student accounts, payroll, materials management, and information technology. This position must build a culture of innovation and collaboration within the division and across divisions, as well as with external stakeholders to ensure positive and progressive actions and outcomes. Serving as Chief Financial Officer for the university, the position provides actionable and effective strategic direction and ensures financial solvency and sustainability of the institution. Additionally, the position serves as an ex-officio trustee for the Georgia College Foundation Board. This position requires a high level of leadership knowledge and experience within a higher education environment involving multiple complex units, and progressive management skills, including; the ability to identify and address complex problems; competency in prescribing and interpreting research and expansive data analytic abilities; effectiveness in non-disruptive change management; and the ability to conduct both long-range and short-range planning. Additionally, the position must have impeccable integrity, robust interpersonal skills, strong financial/business acumen, change-management fortitude, and the ability to inspire others to be their personal best.

Operations Management

The position provides sound stewardship of the institution's finances and safeguards the assets and resources of the college. Works collaboratively and collectively with the President and Vice Presidents to achieve the strategic direction of the institution. Maintains effective communication within the division and broader university community, as well as with external university relationships. Ensures that the university`s services operate in accordance with the USG Business Manual guidelines, and practice sound internal controls. Ensures effective planning and assessment processes across the division. Oversees campus financial and capital planning, space inventory, and space allocation processes. Ensures the development and implementation of appropriate personnel policies and procedures and the overall effectiveness of human resource functions, including employee relations and salary administration. This position requires highly effective communication skills, including the ability to listen and the willingness to communicate and collaborate frequently and effectively. In-depth knowledge and understanding of higher education finances are essential. The position must possess the ability to manage change and conflict rationally. Additionally, the position must have sound time-management skills to work efficiently, decisively, professionally, and in an organized manner. The position must have the ability to plan and direct new operational processes to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase stakeholder satisfaction.


The position represents the university and president in negotiations with local governmental agencies and elected officials. The position ensures the development and implementation of policies and procedures needed for effective risk management across the division and institution. The position builds and maintains a strong working relationship with USG officials. The position ensures compliance within the division with institutional and USG policies and procedures and all applicable state and federal laws and rules. 

Search Committee 

Name Title
Frank Baugh Director of Operations and Maintenance
Josefina Endere Senior Budget Director
Nathan Graham Student Government Association President
Chris Greer Professor of Instructional Technology
John Jackson Staff Council Representative/Maintenance Manager, Parking & Transportation
Karl Manrodt University Senate Representative/Professor of Logistics
Nadirah Mayweather Director, Cultural Center
Costas Spirou Search Chair, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Search Timeline

February 2021

  • 16: Kick-off meeting for Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  • Review job description, discuss search timeline, and create appropriate list to post the national job advertisement.
    • Chronicle of Higher Education
    • National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO)
    • Southern Association of College and University Business Officers (SACUBO)
    • Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
    • Position distribution to USG Institutions
    • CBO-Listserve Distribution to the USG Office (Atlanta)
  • 16 - 24: All committee members complete the GC mandatory search committee training
  • 23 - 24:Post position and submit advertisements

March 2021

  • 10: Cut-off for Priority Review of candidates
  • 11-12: Search Committee review priority applicants
  • 15-17: Search Committee meet to discuss top rated priority applicants
  • 23-25: Position posting formally closes
  • 29-31: Search Committee reviews all applicants to confirm if any should be added with priority applicants
  • 31: Search Committee meets to narrow applicant pool for video interviews

April 2021

  • 12-16: Video Interviews
  • 16: Search Committee meets to confirm top rated 3-4 candidates for on-campus interviews
  • 26: On-Campus Interviews

May 2021

  • April 26 - May 3: On-Campus Interviews
  • 6-7: Search Committee meets to compile the on-campus candidate evaluation forms and   submit no less than three qualified candidates to the President and Executive Cabinet  for hiring consideration


Search Committee Charge
  • The search committee shall work collaboratively to identify and recommend to the President a slate of at least three qualified candidates to serve as Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  • The search shall be national in scope, and search committee members cannot apply.
  • The search committee chair will serve as the spokesperson for the search committee; this is vitally important to help prevent the appearance of mixed messaging.
  • The committee shall review the position description for essential qualifications.
  • The committee shall establish a reasonable timeline for the search.
  • The committee shall recommend a list of appropriate advertising sources to create a broad and diverse pool.
  • The committee shall observe all HR, legal, USG, and institutional guidelines throughout the process, to include completion of GC search committee training. 
  • The committee shall approve the elements that are needed to create a search website, to ensure transparency throughout the search process.
  • A detailed record of the work of the search committee must be kept. The search committee will need to maintain records, including notes, and keep the university informed of progress through the search website and FrontPage.
  • The committee shall act in a professional manner with appropriate candidate confidentiality throughout the search.  Each member of the search committee must agree to honor the commitment of confidentiality and sign a Confidentiality Agreement Form. Such an agreement from each person is essential to ensure an effective search. Consideration of prospects, nominees, and applicants must be done in a way that each member of this committee may speak candidly about a candidate’s qualifications without fear that their views will be made known outside the committee. 
  • The committee shall develop a matrix to guide in the hiring process that includes the essential qualifications of the position with special attention to our commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence.
  • Search committee members need to be active participants in identifying potential applicants.
  • The committee shall screen applications to identify an initial group of qualified candidates to interview through a video interview.
  • The committee will be active in checking references of the final candidates.
  • The committee shall recommend three to four top candidates who will be invited to campus to interview.
  • The committee shall serve as coordinators to collect feedback from all of the stakeholders participating in the interviews. 
  • The committee shall deliberate, consider all input as well as their own insights and bring forward a determination of acceptable or not acceptable, as well as detailed strengths and weaknesses of each of the finalists.
  • The committee shall convey to the President their collective observations in order to inform the final selection by the President.