Peer Mentors

Role of a Peer Mentor

Each sorority will have two members who will serve as peer mentors for the Sorority Leadership Community. These members will live on their sororities hallway, along with their sorority members. Throughout the program, the peer mentors will be there to guide students, as they will meet with them on a regular basis, and be there to assist them in various ways. 

Responsibilities of a Peer Mentor

  • Establish close relationships with members by serving as an approachable and reliable resource. 
  • Serve as a role model to community members as they refer students to appropriate campus resources. 
  • Collaborate with other peer mentors as they plan and facilitate community wide programs. 

peer mentor faqs


Peer mentor applications will become available to all organizations during mid fall semester. Applicants will be considered and then moved into an interview round where final selections will be made. Decisions will be released by the end of the fall semester.


Peer mentors will be expected to fulfill all housing duties and be completely available while on duty for their shift. They will also be expected to attend regular meetings to discuss scheduling and progress in their hall. They will also need to encourage attendance at SLC events whole empowering the women on their hall.


Peer mentors are paid through a stipend. They will pay for their housing up front and then be reimbursed throughout the year with that money.

Work Schedule

During the peer mentor regularly schedule meetings all peer mentors will decide on shifts throughout the month that best works for everyone. Based on the number of weeks days and weekends in the semester, peer mentors will be required to work a certain amount of week days and weekends.