Sorority Leadership Community

Live. Learn. Lead.

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The Sorority Leadership Community (SLC) is a women’s leadership development program that houses second year sorority women at the village apartments on west campus. The women will live on a hallway with their sorority sisters, as well as two peer mentor leaders, as they participate in a leadership program focused around women's empowerment. 


The SLC is an exciting living opportunity that is unique to Georgia College and will enable the second year sorority women to live and bond with the sisters. Prior to the move in, potential new members and their parents will sign an acknowledgment form outlining the program and agreeing to their knowledge of the program. During the recruitment process, potential new members will attend an information session that provides them with further detailed information about the SLC. Every student that accepts a bid during sorority recruitment will be issued a contract for Sorority Leadership Community. Students will sign a housing contract during the Fall semester.

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Visit the West Campus Village Apartments


The educational priority of the Sorority Leadership Community (SLC) is to develop collegiate women into empowered leaders who are prepared to make a significant contribution to society. The program fosters these leadership skills through a series of events that cover hard hitting topics that will impact the women now with hopes they can carry it into their futures.

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Some highlights of the program include: 

  • Model the Way: Sorority leaders model the way by setting examples for their sisters to follow.  Our sorority leaders demonstrate the standards by which members should uphold the values of the organization.

  • Inspire a Shared Vision by Enabling Others to Act: As sorority leaders, we manage the complexities of our chapters by not just encouraging our members but enabling them to be the best versions of themselves, thus helping our members to understand the big picture.

  • Challenge the Process: Sorority women we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate. Challenging the process allows us to focus on how we train and mentor our members through adversity, uncertainty, and significant challenges of diversity and inclusion.

  • Encourage the Heart: Sorority leadership has contributed a lot to the community at large, and it is important to celebrate the values and victories that have contributed to the growth of sororities, members, programs, and individual leadership


"Many campuses have partnered with sororities for women's housing. Similarly, campuses have built living-learning communities around various disciplines. To our knowledge, Georgia College is the first to intentionally build a leadership community for sorority women dedicated to women's leadership development and empowerment," - Director of FSL.

“Imagine with me, Georgia College will be the preeminent university where leaders are formed through scholarship, public service and community engagement” – President Dorman

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