Our Staff

We appreciate your interest in our graduate programs and we are delighted that you are exploring our institution to further your studies. As you can see on our website, we offer numerous academic opportunities across our four colleges. Our programs not only center on expanding knowledge and promoting your intellectual development, but also focus on advancing the skills that are necessary for you to succeed following graduation. We challenge our students by creating learning environments that are responsive to broader health, educational, social and economic shifts.

Georgia College is known for the quality of its teaching. Drawing from our liberal arts mission, we offer an outstanding graduate education environment to meet your academic and career goals. Our dedicated faculty are accessible, eager to support your efforts and value your academic and professional experiences. Thank you for your interest in our graduate programs and please contact our admissions team with any questions. We look forward to making your graduate experience at Georgia College exceptional.

Holley Roberts, EdD
Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and Director of The Graduate School


Parris Story
Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment


Kate Marshall
Graduate Admissions Coordinator


Stephanie McDade
Graduate Admissions Specialist