Research Opportunities

Application for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Georgia College graduate students are encouraged to apply for Graduate Research Grants to support the costs (conference fee, travel, and accommodations) associated with the presentation of their own original scholarship at professional academic conferences.

Students seeking funds to support attendance at academic conferences in the field of study should apply through the SGA student travel fund.

Graduate Research Grants will be made in the following category:

Grants will be awarded that support student presentations of original scholarship or research conducted with a faculty mentor at professional academic conferences (international, national, regional, and state-level) in the student’s discipline. Grants will also cover costs of research in the student’s discipline.

There is a maximum of $400 per grant for conference fees, travel, and accommodations. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only students who have not received funding in the past are eligible to apply.

Reimbursement Requirements

Reimbursement will be distributed for student expenditures once all documentation has been received and approved. All documentation must be delivered to the Office of Graduate Admissions in the McIntosh House, 123 S Clarke St or by mail to CBX 107 within 14 business days (Monday-Friday) of the end of the conference or end of research trip as noted in grant application, unless the student is an employee. Student employees of the University will submit for reimbursement online.

A one-to-three page reflection on the conference experience is due within 14 days of the end of the conference or research trip.

Travel expense report complete with receipts and a copy of the agenda/program of event if the grant is used to present at a conference or the completion date of the research trip in the grant application.