GC Double Bobcat Pathway -FAQs

What is a Double Bobcat pathway?

Double Bobcat pathways allow students to accelerate their progress towards a master's degree by taking graduate-level courses in the final year of their undergraduate studies.

What are the benefits of a Double Bobcat pathway?

Double Bobcat pathways allows undergraduate students who have finished at least 61 hours to take graduate courses, allowing them to accelerate the amount of time to earn a master's degree.

How many graduate-level courses can I take as an undergraduate student that will count toward both my undergraduate and graduate degree?

Undergraduate students accepted into the Double Bobcat pathway may count up to 12 hours of graduate-level courses toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

See the policy on Enrollment in Graduate Classes by Undergraduate Students.

Who can participate in a Double Bobcat pathway? What are the criteria?
  • Students with a minimum 3.1 GPA (may vary by program), have completed at least 61 hours, and who are in Good Academic Standing (as noted in the Undergraduate Catalog policy) may apply. Participants must maintain at least a B average in all graduate courses to remain in the program.

  • Some programs may have additional criteria. Check the Double Bobcat Pathways page for specific requirements.

Am I guaranteed admission to The Graduate School if I participate in a Double Bobcat pathway?

No. Admission to The Graduate School is a separate process. Visit The Graduate School admission page for more information.

What Double Bobcat Pathways are available?

Visit the Double Bobcat Pathways page for information.

What are the deadlines to apply to a Double Bobcat pathway?
  • Summer and Fall admission: January 31
  • Spring admission: September 15
How do I participate in the Double Bobcat pathway?
  1. Complete the Student Interest Form. A list of approved pathways can be found here.
  2. Meet/speak with your academic advisor and the graduate coordinator of the program
  3. Apply to the Double Bobcat pathway
What does the Double Bobcat pathway timeline look like?
  • First Year: Review Double Bobcats options
  • Second Year: Discuss possible pathways with your academic advisor
  • Third Year: Apply to the Double Bobcats pathway you choose
  • Fourth Year: Take graduate-level courses credited toward an undergraduate degree. Apply to GC Graduate Program.
  • Fifth Year: Get admitted and enroll in the graduate program with up to 12 credits advancing you more quickly to your degree
How will the Double Bobcat pathway impact my financial aid?

For information about financial aid, please contact Financial Aid.