GC Keeps Teaching

A Quick Guide to Teaching in GeorgiaVIEW

Create Modules

Develop a communication plan and share with your students.

Create a plan for each module.

Add Quizzes, Discussions, and Assignments into each module.

Keep your course simple.

Stay in weekly contact with your students.

Use the Grade Book in LMS to track student grades.

Explore Video

Develop a communication plan and share with your students.

Set up your Grade Book in LMS.

Select a video conferencing tool and email students instructions on how to set up and access it.

Send weekly e-mails to students with specific instructions for weekly activities. Provide students with details on how to join the virtual meeting.

Keep It Simple

Develop a communication plan and share with your students.

Choose a secure Grade Book option.

Set up reading and writing assignments for a decent level of Internet access.

Build connections with students for all levels of access.

GeorgiaVIEW/D2L Technical Support

Center for Teaching and Learning

Call 478-445-2520 or e-mail for support at ctl@gcsu.edu
Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday | Location: Library 3rd Floor, Room 375)

Password Issues

E-mail SERVE at serve@gcsu.edu or call 478-445-7378

GeorgiaVIEW Knowledge Center

Their website provides 24/7/365 assistance through Knowledge Base or call a Help Center Agent at 1-855-772-0423

Questions? Problems? Ideas?

Chat with CTL Through Jabber

Georgia Internet Access for COVID-19 

Wi-Fi statewide resources available through the Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative.

Free Wi-Fi parking lots available through the public libraries.

Online Resources for Conducting Virtual Labs

View several shared resources for conducting labs virtually - visit the Google Doc.

CTL Presents: Online Learning Community

Given our interesting times, the Center for Teaching and Learning would like to put together a faculty learning community led by our very own Cynthia Alby. Whether you’ve never taught online or teach online regularly, this online faculty learning community will offer support for faculty navigating teaching online. In this community we will share what is working and help figure out solutions to issues as they arise. The FLC will meet remotely and can start meeting face-to-face as the concern over COVID-19 subsides.  If you are interested in being a part of this learning community, please complete the following Doodle Poll.

Zoom Conferencing Now Available for Georgia College

Zoom offers a stable conferencing system that is easy to use.  Its ease of use opens it up to several security vulnerabilities. To mitigate these issues, IT has created a set of tips to protect you and your conference attendees. If you are using a personal version of Zoom instead of a GC licensed version, please request your GC license by completing the Zoom Account Request Form. Please also familiarize yourself with the list of tips to create a secure conference found on the IT intranet under the Zoom section.


Ways to Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning

Jim Berger, Director
Phone: 478-445-2520
E-mail | Jabber 

Simeco Vinson, Instructional Design Specialist
Phone: 478-445-1253
E-mail | Jabber  

Jaclyn Queen, Instructional Designer
Phone: 478-445-1276
E-mail | Jabber  

Barb Szyjko, Instructional Technology Staff Specialist
Phone: 478-445-1272
E-mail | Jabber 

Laura Mender, Systems Analyst
Phone: 478-445-5260
E-mail | Jabber  

Katie Smith, Office Admin
Phone: 478-445-2520
E-mail | Jabber