Certified to Serve

The Certified to Serve program provides GC students with the knowledge they need to be an effective volunteer. This program includes connecting students with service opportunities that interest them, dos and don’ts while at a volunteer agency, important information about our community and privacy guidelines.


Step One

The First Step to the registration process is to come by The GIVE Center, located in the Maxwell Student Union behind Chik-fil-a  .  To be a registered volunteer we need to collect several pieces of information, which many of the agencies need in order for you to volunteer with them.  We will be collecting the following:

  • General Profile Information (ie. name, address, phone, etc.)
  • Criminal History Information (used to process a criminal background check)
  • A copy of your legal photo ID (used for criminal background check, Can not use Bobcat Card)
  • Social Security Number

We will explain each of these forms if you complete them in our office, and can make the copies of your IDs for you when you come by.  

Step Two

The Second Step of the registration process is to join the iVolunteer group in GC Connect and fill out the registration form.  An GC Connect account has already been created for all Georgia College students.  You will login to Unify with your bobcats email address and the password you created.  When you click on the form link, you will be taken to the GC Connect login page, and once you have logged in you will see the page to join our iVolunteer group. Complete this form to the best of your ability. If you need to stop and finish later, you are able to come back to the form.

Step Three

The Third Step of the registration process is to complete your orientation by watching our training videos.  You can find the New Volunteer Orientation videos by clicking on the "Pages" tab inside of iVolunteer.

Step Four

The Fourth Step and final of the registration process is a placement phone call.  After you have finished the new volunteer orientation, we will call you to discuss the best agencies and programs to place you with.  We will then send referrals to each of your requested placements.

  • Become a part of the Georgia College iVolunteer network, which will keep you informed about volunteer efforts and opportunities
  • Become more knowledgeable about the needs of our community
  • Become better prepared to volunteer in our community
  • Get a FREE Georgia background check run for your volunteer file
  • Have the ability to track and verify service hours for jobs, internships or graduate applications
  • Become eligible to earn the National President’s Volunteer Service Award, awarded for out-of-class volunteer and service hours
  • Become eligible to earn the Georgia College Service Graduation Medallion, awarded for out-of-class volunteer and service hours


The GIVE Center offers over 90 student lead service programs and events.  We offer service activities in the following areas:

  • Animals
  • Children/Youth
  • Disabilities
  • Disasters
  • Education/Literacy
  • Elderly
  • Environmental/Recycling
  • Female Issues
  • Fine Arts
  • General Service
  • Health
  • Male Issues
  • Minority Issues
  • Office/Clerical
  • Patriotic/Political
  • PR/Event Planning
  • Poverty
  • Technology/Virtual
  • Recreation/Outdoors
  • Religious


iVolunteer is The GIVE Center's primary way to communicate and organize its volunteers. You can access this page through OrgSync by signing in with your Unify credentials. You will receive different emails through iVolunteer notifying you of different volunteer opportunities, seminars, and events going on in the volunteer/service communities.