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Grant Life Cycle

Pre-Award Services:

Define Opportunity:  Funding opportunities can come from anywhere: databases, agency websites, professional publications or colleagues.  Federal grant opportunities can be found through

Develop Proposal:  Once an opportunity has been identified OGSP will do the following:

Review the announcement for application requirements.
Meet with the Principal Investigator (PI) to develop a project management plan.
Work up a draft budget for PI approval.
Complete the sponsor/required forms and budget justification to be included in the application.

Submit & Negotiate:  Applications can only be submitted by GC or the GC Foundation.  Once internal approval has been received, designated staff in the appropriate office will submit the application on behalf of the PI and institution.  If awarded, the GC or Foundation personnel will review and negotiate acceptable terms and conditions to GC, GC Fdn and/or USG.

Post-Award Services:

Award Setup:  OGSP will review award documentation and assist all responsible parties with their roles and responsibilities during the grant.  OGSP is available through the life of the award to provide support with any non-financial issues.

Manage Subawards:  If subawards were identified at application, OGSP will issue the subaward using GC approved forms.  If the need for a portion of the work to be completed by an outside entity is noted in the post-award phase, the Grants Compliance Manager will secure agency approval and then issue the subaward.  OGSP will monitor the fiscal aspects of the subaward while the PI is responsible for the programmatic compliance.

Execute Project:  OGSP continually monitors each grant for compliance with award terms & conditions.  As legal representative, OGSP works with the PI and funder to expedite reports and resolve any issues that might arise.

Close Out Project:  Once a grant has reached the end of the project period, all funders have requirements for final progress and financial reports.  OGSP will work with the PI to make sure the progress report is submitted in a timely fashion and the Business & Finance completes the final invoices or report.  The storage of the official project file is the responsibility of OGSP.  All information and reports should be copied to the Grant Compliance Manager for inclusion in the official record.

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